Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: The Year of My Experiments with Life.

Well....its that time of the year again...A time to bid adieu to the many sweet and bitter memories as well as a time to welcome a new decade, with its new hopes and joys and experiences!!

Over the last few days, every nerwspaper is carrying newsbits like The Year in Review, The Decade that was, etc etc... With my own experience of one such news (2008 & me: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3: Get the link frm the sidebar), I bring to you my year in review...So ladies and gentlemen, please put uyour hands together for 2009: The Year of My Experiments with Life...

1 Jan: Happy new Year. My Delhi Darshan continues with Day 2 visits to Delhi Zoo and Purana Qila boating.

2 Jan: Garden of 5 Senses- Garden kam, lovers' point zaada..

3 Jan: On the coldest day of the season in Delhi, I was at the Rashtrapati Bhavan for Nature Trail..

13 Jan: My first Lohri celebration.. At hostel..

21 Jan: Goodbye coaching..My last day at Narayana..What a paralytic attack it was in the van!!

26 Jan: Republic Day parade at Rajpath..LIVE..Surely there is a better view on TV..

30 Jan: The D-day..We had all been waiting for..Made all preparations for the hostel farewell...It was a grt hit!

31 Jan: Saw the Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire..Didn't feel it deserved an Oscar!!

16 Feb: Padhai time...11th ke finals...A truely testing time...

1 Mar: Delhi Darshan Day 5: Mughal Gardens...Didn't match my expectations!!

5 Mar: Results out!! I barely managed to pass in a few subjects!!

6 Mar: IIT? Why not NID?

9 Mar: My beloved phone!! Thank you doggie!!

21 Mar-13 Apr: Our seniors leave the hostel...

31 Mar: First school trip sponsored by the Environment Council to the Aravali Biodiversity Park...

10 Apr: Oh Shit!! :-(

15 Apr: Hostel Premier League begins..

20 Apr: DAV Felicitation at Hansraj Model School, Punjabi Bagh.. Met my friends and teachers after almost a whole year..

Well...that's it for now....This was just the part 1...The next two parts, coming soon...really very soon...Till then....Happy New Year...


Friday, December 18, 2009

12 December 2009: My 18th!!

Ummmmm.....straight from my diary even this time:

"I have been waiting for this day since years!! Finally...Happy 18th
Birthday!! Now I am an Adult!!

Mama called and wished 5 minutes before 12. Said I
was going to get busy soon, so she called first.

12 o' clock and Birthday.... B'day pe
wishes, B'day pe bumps, B'day pe holi etc etc...hehehe...
Bumps were not as bad as expected. Bucket filled with cold water, surf, powder,
shaving foam all on me (just imagine my situation: in the wintry chilly December
night at Delhi!! Wow...I made a good rhyme...hehe...). As a result, I had to
take bath at 12.30 AM...just imagine....and this was only the 1st bath of the
Wishes from Siddharth, Amrit, Venky, Love, Mayang
and every junior in the hostel + Shilpa, Vidisha, Lakshita, Rakesh, Pallabi,
Prateek, Somya Vats, Manav, Aunty, Mausa, Mausi, Lise, Pinky and Rohit bhaiya.
Slept around 2.30 am.

Woke up at 7.30 am. Took bath (2nd time). Got ready.
Wishes from Uncle, Aja, Ayee, Nana, J J Bapa,
Kuni, Sonu, Maa, Ankita, Bindu madam, Prem, Miku, Saswat, Mala Aunty, Dhruv,
Pratyasha and Somya.
Aunty finally reached with cake around 11 am. Had
cake cutting and face-painting + Harpic Toilet Cleaner on head. What next? guessed it right... Took bath for the 3rd time...
Wishes from Vivek, Shakti, Rahul bhaiya, Ranjeet, Muskan, Prerana and

At 6.10PM, Papa finally called and wished. I was born at 6.15pm. So he
wished me at the exact time. Wishes from Nana, Swati, Aditya, Saundarya, Asif,
Chavi, Siddharth.

I think I expected calls from many more people today. But...koi baat
nahi...My 18th Birthday was special in many many ways-- the most special one: My
first birthday away from home with my best friends.

Thank you everyone who made my special day much more special for me."

Ummm....have a look at the photos of the D-day:

Having problems viewing the slide show? Visit this link: B'day.
Many more thanks go to all those who remembered but remembered late...And ofcourse all those wishes on facebook and orkut....thank you so much.....

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Chandigarh Trip-In pictures

Here are the pictures of my short weekend trip to Chandigarh on 28-29 November 2009:

Please feel free to leave your comments...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The D-day: Exhibition Day 2- Extracts from my diary...

23rd October 2009

"...Himani maam didn't come to school We left at 8.25 AM. picked up maam from her residence in Dwarka. After 2 minutes in the van, I say, "Maam, laptop kahan hai?, very sweetly. And maam jumps in panic! We take the nearest U-turn and go back to maam's place. She gets the laptop and we are like, 'Thank God, abhi yaad aa gaya, nahi to pata nahi kya hota!' We reached late yet again! At around 9.45. Nothing had happened yet. We rearranged the things and added some more swine flu cells to the presentation. A video camera man came and took a complete video of our presentation with Jerry explaining the whole thing. Anotrher round of judgement--the same judge as yesterday came alongwith another one. It went ok. We missed out a few things. No more judging. Later we got to know from Aishwarya (our-friend in the bio-project of our school) that only the shortlisted projects were being judged today! Oooooo..... should we think something? Many people viisited us throughout the day. Maam even heard some people talking about our project being the one everyone was talking about. So....??? What should we think? Lets not thnk anything!! We will know in another 3-4 hours....

It was 3.30pm and we were the last to pack-up. We keptr the things in the bus and went to the auditorium. Still somehow there was no such excitement for the results...dunno why!! Finally at 4.45 pm, the program i.e. valedictory ceremony started. Some speeches, performances and finally the results. 3 were to be selected from Matheatical Modelling. 20 to be selected overall. The 1st and 2nd names for Mathematical Modeling went to we don't know which schools. Next we were both praying constantly, 'say DPS VK, DPS VK, DPS VK....'. And yes, it was DPS VK. Wow!! We had won the CBSE NAtional Level Science Exhibition 2009!! Great! Maam, Jerry and I went on stage. Got our certificates and Rs. 3000/- cash prize. We were sooooooo happy!!!! Sadly, the bio-project was not selected. The teams selected now will go for the Jawaharlal Nehru National Science Conference of NCERT in November..."

The aftermath...
"...messaged everyone, "We hv lost the CBSE National Exhibition. Will talk later." And it worked for almost everyone!! :-) "

And the long list of thank yous...
Thank you Bindu maam, Ritu maam, Meeta maam, Muskan, Rakesh, all my friends at school and at the hostel, my teachers and my parents for their constant support and everyone else who helped me knowingly or unknowingly in my endeavour. And ofcourse, not to be forgotten, my hostel warden who constantly tried to discourage me from doing the research (and wasting my time) but unknowingly ignited a spark in me to win the exhibition under every circumstance!! Thank you Sir.

Friday, November 06, 2009


Here are the photos you all have been eagerly waiting for.

Location: Bal Bharati Public School, Pitampura, New Delhi
Date: 22-23 Oct 2009
Occasion: CBSE National Level Science Exhibition 2009

Our exhibit:
(In pics: Jerry, Himani maam, me)

The Bio exhibit from my school:
(In pic: Aarushi, Aishwarya, S K Das Sir)

Pls visit: for a quick view of all the photos..

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Exhibtion- Till Day 1

On 5th October, we got the details of the National Level CBSE Science Exhibition venue and dates. It was to be held in Bal Bharti Public School(BBPS), Pitampura, New delhi on 22nd-23rd October 2009.

We had been working on enhancing our exhibit presentation with the help of a model, the idea for which was my friend Muskan's. It took almost one month and by 21st, all was set.

On 21st, Aishwarya, Aarushi and S K Das Sir (The bio-project team) and Jerry and I (Himani maam couldn't come) went to the venue to get ourselves registered and to put up the things (charts etc).

Now extracts come straight from my diary:

22nd Oct. '09

"Reached school at 7.30. Went to I-lab for some last-minute print-outs. Unsuccessful attempt. Went to Himani maam. Maths Lab keys were in Hemlata maam's (The Head of Dept.) locker. She was late. Finally got model. Jerry was late. He reached. Got print-out from Admission Office. Reached bus. Das Sir was no where to be found. Finally after a verbal arghument on whether to go by bus or van, we left school at 8.30 by bus. (We should have reached by 8.30!! The inauguration was at 8.30!!) After traffic jams and taking wrong routes(none of us knew the way!! Not even the driver!!) many many times, we finally reached BBPS at 10. Rushed to take our places. Got everything ready as fast as we could. Thankfully, the chief guest, HRD Minister Kapil Sibal, was late. Maam and Jerry went to the Auditorium for the Inauguration ceremony. I made a flowchart in powerpoint abt mathematical modeling. Maam was impressed. We made a gsp file for the swine flu cell picture also, as an extension to our project. The judge finally arrived near us at 3.30 PM. The judge was the same person as on our 2nd day of regional level (18.08.09). He said, he remembered this project very well and asked us to show only what improvement we had done. We thanked God that we had put the swine flu cell pic at the very last minute! Overall it seemed ok. Lets see what happens tomorrow!! Returned at 4 pm leaving Himani maam at her residence in Dwarka. Reached hostel at 5.45 pm. A tiring day truely!! All the best for tomorrow!!"

The Exhibition Day 2 and the final result---coming soon!!

P.S.: If you are interested in the details of the Regional Level, please click here.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Delhi Darshan Day 7- Purani Dilli

We (My Uncle, Aunty, Prem and Mickey(thir two children) and me) set out for Delhi Darshan Day 7 at noon. We went straight to Patel Chowk Metro Station, parked our car there and because we wanted to have a metro-ride, we visited the Metro museum and then travelled by metro to Chandni Chowk Station. After getting out of the underground metro we went straight to Red Fort, that too in a ricksaw. (If you are coming to Old delhi then how can you miss the ricksaw ride?) Red Fort seemed bigger than I imagined and saw in pictures! After a quick stroll through the fort and some snaps of the mughal throne, we went to the renowned Chandni Chowk's Haldirams for a quick lunch. Looking through the many alleys of Chandni Chowk we finally found the one we were looking for: The paranthe wali gali. Ever imagined a kele ka parantha or a bhindi ka parantha? They are all available there! So so many varieties! Next we went through Kinari Bazar for some diwali-decoration-ke-liye-shopping and landed at the cracker stalls! And even after my so much insisting, no one paid any attention to my words and bought so many crackers!! Next we went (again by ricksaw) to Jama Masjid, the largest mosque in India and then were on our way back to Patel Chowk Station. We took our car reached home at 7.30 evening.

The complete trip was an yesterday-night planned trip and was successful!

I am now waiting for another chance to visit this beautiful place (Chandni Chowk!!) once again and relive the medieval Delhi! How about a lemon-parantha this time?

P.S.: I will post some nice pics of the place as soon as I lay my hands on them!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My first encounter with death

In the morning, a pigeon got stuck in the exhaust fan in bathroon and blood was trickling down from its neck. Felt horrified at the scene. It fell down, got one of its limb broken and was still writhing with pain. Felt very helpless at the sight. Didn't know what to do. Couldn't eat breakfast (felt like puking). The house-keeping wale bhaiya was informed and he took it downstairs. to tend to it but ultimately it died in a few hours. My first encounter with death!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Here are the pictures of the CBSE Science Exhibition 2009 at Amrita Vidyalayam, Saket, New Delhi. The Mathematical Modeling one was our project and the other pictures are of the Bio-project of our school.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The CBSE Science Exhibition 2009

The whole thing started off in May, when my Maths teacher Mrs. Himani Asija, approached me with the CBSE Science Exhibition thing and she suggested the Cancer reseacrh. And without thinking twice, I took up the thing. My friend Jerry was also selected by maam and the two of us were supposed to work on the topic during the summer vacations. Maam provided us with many-many notes and we were like: We dont know what to do, where do we start from!! The holidays went off and we had done literally, may be, say 1% of the whole thing. After school reopened, we got a good bit of scolding from maam for being so least bothered about such a large-scale thing. Whatever may have been the case, maam just smiled at us and at each and every step when we went wrong or needed guidance, she was there to help us.

When we got to know the dates of the exhibition, we were relieved seeing that we still had around 3 weeks left to improve upon the situation!!

Eventually, we made the charts, got the presentation ready and till the last minute of the last period of the last day before the exhibition, we were running around the school and doing our best to get the things ready!!

On Sunday, 16th of August 2009, we went to our destined centre to get our project registered and to put up the charts we had prepared so that we could just come the next day and start off with our thing without any further works left. The Bio-department of our school also had a project for the same!

Finally, the D-day was here! And now, the following extracts come straight from diary:

17th August 2009 (Monday)

"...left around 9 for Saket. Reached late and found that our whole chart had fallen off!! The host school (Amrita Vidyalayam) had put it up back! Thanks! First we had the inauguration ceremony with long boring speeches!! Then around 12, we started the exhibition. Very few people (mainly teachers) visited. The judge arrived around 4PM!! Our presentation went well!! He seemed to be taking out all negativities!! Overall it went well!! Let's see what happens tomorrow..."
18th August 2009 (Tuesday)

"...reached by 9.15am. The charts were thankfully intact!! The exhibition Day 2 started. A bit more visitors!! Judge No. 2 came to us last-->around 12 noon. (Yesterday, we were the first!) We were not asked even a single question about the exhibit!! He left quite soon!! We were confused!! Is this a positive or negative sign?? Kept fingers crossed!! Around 3pm, cameramen came and took quite many pictures and videos of ours. Should that mean anything??We just needed to wait!! Around 4.30pm, the closing ceremony finally started (we were completely exhausted, tired, drowsy etc. etc.) Some boring speeches again...15 projects were to be selected from a total of about 104 from 90 schools of Delhi & NCR. The result declaration started and even dhak-dhak... The first 5 went to the 'Harnessing Energy' theme projects! Our chances seemed slim now!! The 6th one was for model MM-04: Mathematical Modeling and its Application in the Treatment of Cancer and we continued clapping! It took both Jerry & me quite a time to realize that it was ours!! Himani maam shouted go fast, its ours!! And we were shocked! Smiling all the time we went to the stage & got our certificates!! We had been selected for the National Level!!!! It took quite some time for this thing to get into us!! And then...the Bio-Model: Genetic Modification, even that got selected!! Wow!! Double dhamaka!! Ours was the only school with 2 projects selected!! Great!! We then....."
U can clearly imagine how we must be feeling now!! We are now waiting for the nationals and an improved version of the exhibit!!

P.S. I will be posting some very nice pictures of the event very soon.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I am back...blogging!!!

Hey guys....How are you?? Its been quite a long time since I made an entry on my blog!! You were surely waiting for some news from me, weren't you?? So here I am....back... blogging again!!!

My mid-term exams started as soon as school reopened and now the very bad results are out!! This month--July 2009-- Is going to be a very memorable month for my whole life!! So many ups and downs in life!! But that's life...and it has to go on that ways...!!!

I dont have much time now...but I can promise you some great entries making their way within the next few days...staright from my diary!!! So its going to be rather interesting!!!

Freshers, exams, interviews, seniorship etc. etc.. there is just so much And how could I forget: Harry potter!!

I will be writing soon...Thanks for your patience so much!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The life story of my cell phone use

That’s quite an unexpected entry isn’t it? Unexpected for me too! The idea just struck me!

On 7th June 2008, I got my very own mobile, gifted to me by my mamaji for my good result and also because I would need one soon. It was a Nokia 1209. I really liked that phone! The best thing was it was my own phone!

On 9th March 2009, something much unexpected happened. I lost my beloved phone! After a frantic search of an hour and a half by my aunty and me in the night’s darkness and constant chanting of the हनुमान चालीसा, the phone was recovered. From a place like a park, where I never went to, and in a condition which was much more absurd! The main phone set, the battery, the battery cover and the plastic cover that held my phone lay strewn in the park in quite an unhealthy manner. For all many of you who don’t know yet, my phone had been bitten by a dog! Ever seen a dog eating a mobile phone? I guess not! Ultimately, within a few days the phone was repaired (its backlight had gone out and the phone was in a really pathetic physical condition) for Rs 400/- and then back in use.

Have a quick look at the phone through this video:

And some pics:

In a few weeks, the back
light went off again and the phone could no longer be charged. I had to take out the battery, put it in a friend’s phone, charge it and then replace it back! This went for nearly 6 weeks.

Back at home, I got the phone repaired at the Nokia Care Centre for another Rs 250 as no one was in a mood to get me a new set. In the early morning hours of the day after the phone came back repaired completely, I woke up suddenly and to my dismay during my sleep unknowingly I had put all my force on the phone’s screen and broken it! Oh shit! Next was what? A good bit of scolding from papa.

3rd June 2009 afternoon, I went with papa and sold off my phone at a mere Rs 200/- and lost all my hopes for a new good phone. As my papa put it, ‘तुझे अच्छा फ़ोन तभी मिलेगा जब तू फ़ोन का केयर करना सिख जाएगा’ (You will get a good phone only when you learn to take care of one)। I still kept on looking for nice handsets at the Nokia India website। I had made up mind to get the new Nokia 1662. It is a very good no-camera phone with FM. No-camera because camera phones are not allowed at my hostel and I am no rule breaker!

On 10th June 2009 Papa finally got me my desired phone! It is really nice: 1.8” display, color, FM radio and
many more integrated features and of course with its glossy finish it is very good to look at! मेरे फ़ोन को किसीकी नज़र ना लगे!

I didn’t expect this entry would be so long! Did you? Hehe…

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Your Return Gift

Hey friends, thank you very much for all your birthday wishes to this blog. Though I am one whole day late, you would surely not say no to this surprise return gift.

This is the latest addition to the blog! Yes, you are correct! I am no longer the sole writer at this place...

For the first time ever, introducing, my younger not-so-little sister Akankshya Abismruta.

She is now my co-author at this blog. Blogger is a new platform for her. With your constant support (in the form of your comments) she can surely become a part of this blogosphere soon.

Did you notice, There has been changes in the format of the blog? Now this blog is no longer Antarik Anwesan. It is now Antarik 'n' Akankshya - The Dotty Duo

Hopefully this blog would be much more popular in the days ahead!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I just remembered: my blog writing had started exactly a year ago, so that means today is my blog’s happy birthday!

On 13th June 2008, my blog writing experience started at a different location. It moved to its current location only on 30th June 2008. Celebrating this day, let us take a look at some of the entries-of-note that have surfaced on my blog. My class 10th results were declared (here), I entered into the portals of a new school (here & here), first time in a hostel (here), an unforgettable birthday (here) because of (here). Some very nice darshans (here, here, here, here & here), hostel moments (here & here) etc etc.

Overall, this blog has really helped me in keeping me and my readers up-to-date with what’s happening around me.

Hopefully, all my readers will help me in completing many more successful years with my blog by giving their precious comments about everything here.

आप सभी का बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The last days of our seniors at the hostel

As you might have guessed, this entry is about the days when our seniors left the portals of school life forever. Starting March 21st and going on till 13th April, these were the gloomiest days of our stay at this beautiful hostel.

I had wanted to write this entry as early as 13th April but due to some problem or the other it got delayed. I don’t think the exact mood of those days can ever be replicated by me in any form. Now it’s been almost two months since all the seniors left. Here I am making some very private things available to you just so that you could get a close view at the atmosphere prevailing around us then.

Here are some extracts from my not-so-well-maintained diary:

25th March ’09 (Wednesday)

“…Paras bhaiya, Abhimanyu bhaiya & Samudra bhaiya[the one frm SBP] left. Was quite an emotional moment! Hostel feels so khali-khali now! The ones who were the lifeline of the hostel have left…”

26th March ’09 (Thursday)

“…Hostel is getting scantier day-by-day. In 17 days it would be just the 8 of us left…”

13th April ’09 (Monday)

“…wasn’t feeling good- may be b’cuz of M.T. & everyone leaving. Went to school. After attendance came back to hostel (via clinic- took anti-anxiety pill) to bid final goodbye to seniors. All was well. Around 9, thought of going back to school. Met every senior. When Piyush bhaiya and Rahul bhaiya talked to me then, I don’t know why but I started crying. Left the place as fast as I could. Venky, on Amrit’s saying, stopped me midway & said atleast to make others happy I should come back, or may be looking at me he would start crying. I returned…Felt lighter then…Said goodbye to all the bhaiyas…Returned to school for M.T. Wasn’t able to concentrate in class at all. I think…”

Wasn’t that enough of my diary? Surely you can’t expect everything to be out! A diary is supposed to be personal!

Now after typing all this, a question just struck me: Why am I after all making my personal feelings, public? I am sorry to find that I have no answer. I am just doing it!

Hope you enjoyed. But was that something that was supposed to be enjoyed? I don’t know! Please have your say…

Saturday, June 06, 2009

“After 7^3, 354 days…Here I am 4 my last summer vacation”

12th June 2008: That was the day when I left my home state for an indefinite period. On 22nd May 2009 at 3.22 PM, my mobile screen flashed: Airtel welcomes you to Orissa. Finally after 343 days (if my calculations are correct), I was back here. We (that includes my aunt, two cousins and me) reached at 7:30 PM (even our Rajdhani Express got two hours delayed!!). I was received at the Bhubaneswar Railway Station by my nanaji. I went home and met my nani. My mother too reached there around 11 PM after she left Sambalpur in the evening. It felt like an after-a-very-long-time reunion.

The next evening my father and sister arrived and together we went to our dadaji’s house. On 25th, that is, after 354 days (since 5th June 2008), I came back to my hometown. After 7 cubed, 354 days…Here I am 4 my last summer vacation. It feels great to be back!

So what am I doing here? Want to know? Sure…I will tell you…but hang on; I haven’t typed those things yet!! Will surely post more soon…Till then, Happy blog reading!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Hey...everyone out are you??
Expecting a nice new entry, are you?
Well many new entries are in queue...but they are not yet ready to be published....
Many entries will make their way over the next one and half months...yes....summer vacations!!!
I will be back home after almost a year next week... and I have all the time in the world over the vacations!!
Ofcourse I have got to study, go for tutions and make some projects...but the best thing is I will be home... I can do whatever I like and whenever I want....
Hoping to see new entries in my blog soon...
Happy Holidays!


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Thanks, Requests, etc etc

Hi guys... thank you very much for staying updated through my blog... Currently I am carrying on with my XIIth with some career considerations... Monday Tests still on... April Fools Day was good for me and 3 days later I was made the biggest fooooooooooool... That story... may be some other time...

A small complaint:
Many of you leave your comments here with your name as 'Anonymous'. How am I going to know who u r? I mean, Anonymous could be anyone, isn't it? So I would request you to write your complete name when u post ur comments, atleast I will know who is telling me what!! Hope you understand...

I will write something less silly next time... with some topic in my head... Till then... Happy Blog Reading!!!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Delhi Darshan Day 6- Mughal Gardens, CP and J & K- 1st March 2009

Was that expected? I don’t think so. I thought Delhi Darshan was over in January! Well, the day started off as usual. I was back from hostel since two days after my exams got over.

I woke up at around 10 and then around 11, uncle announced that we were going to the Mughal Gardens. I had wanted to visit the Mughal Gardens since I read about them in Social Studies in Class 3 or 4. But as February and March was always school-time, I had never had a chance to visit Delhi. And now, I am here.
We (that includes Uncle, Aunty, their two sons and me) started from home around 1:35 PM and were at Gate no. 35 of Rashtrapati Bhavan at 2:10. What a crowd! The last time I visited this place was on 3rd Jan for the Nature Trail and then not even a single human was seen anywhere except may be the security guards! And now, there was no place to park the car! We managed somehow to find a place (thanks to my aunty) and then, leaving our cell phones and camera in the car, entered the crowd. We entered through two security checks and I must admit that there is such a strong security there. So strong that I entered inside unnoticed by two security personnel sitting on armchairs and checking visitors one by one. Half the people were going in without any check!!!
As we entered the President’s Estates and moved towards the place where the crowd was moving, we first saw the Musical Fountain that we had seen during the Nature Trail and then entered the main Mughal Gardens. OK, one question: what picture do you form of the place? Beautiful? Full of flowers? Flowers from all over the world? Well, may be you are right. The place was surely beautiful and full of flowers but I didn’t find it up to my expectations!

Ice berg, Eiffel tower, etc. Surely you have heard of these. I too have heard. Can you tell what these are? Simple, right? Big ice piece and Paris… Thought something like this? That’s ok but did you know that these are names of flowers? No? Even I didn’t but that was before visiting Mughal Gardens. The flowers were beautiful but now they were not so bright. They were drying. When the Gardens open in February, the first week is the best time to visit it. We went through the Spiritual Garden, Herbal Garden,Circular Garden (that was the best part) and of course the Rose garden. We were out by 4 PM and were on the move again.
We thought of going to Humayun’s Tomb then and moved towards Connaught Place. On the way, Aunty remembered the oldest Hanuman Mandir at CP and we visited the shrine. We got some kachodis from the place as it is known for its delicious kachodis. We then had snacks at Delhi Tourism’s Coffee Home and then were back on track...

Plans do change, right? Forgetting Humayun’s Tomb we were moving in CP when Uncle remembered the newly opened Metro Museum at Patel Chowk metro station, about which we had never even heard. After asking for directions from some people, we reached the Metro station and had a look at the timings. The museum was open from 10 AM till 4 PM and now it was just 5:30 PM. A wait of just 16 and a half hour would lead us inside the museum. We thought this was quite a long wait, don’t you agree?
We moved on and were almost returning home. On Janpath (let me inform the non-Delhities, Janpath is the road crossing Rajpath and Rajpath is the road between India Gate and Rashtrapati Bhavan where we have the Republic Day parade) we saw a Jammu and Kashmir cultural festival at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts and parked our car to have a quick look around (which eventually turned into almost 2 hours).

J & K festival but sellers from all over the country were selling their handicrafts. Why don’t you have a pictorial look of the place? After all, every picture tells a story...
We moved out of the place around 7:15 PM and thus was the end of Delhi Darshan Day 6. More Delhi Darshan Days…are they coming? Let’s hope.

Delhi Darshan Days 2-5: Summarised

I don’t think I am ever going to be able to complete the Delhi Darshan Entries. I thought it would be better if you checked out my visits (day wise) through a pictorial panorama presented here.
Day 2 – New Year’s Day 2009
We went to the National Zoological Park, saw the tallest mammal on earth there and then enjoyed boating at the Purana Qila (Old Fort) lake. On the way we passed 11 Murtis, India Gate, Parliament House, Rashtrapati Bhavan...
Day 3 – 2nd January 2009
An unplanned evening visit to the Garden of Five Senses at Mehrauli.

Day 4 – 3rd January 2009
We started early in the morning and went to The President’s Estates to visit the Nature Trail that had opened on 27th December 2008 and opens only on Saturdays. One needs to take special permission 3-4 days prior to the visit day. We were trembling and shivering even at 10 AM and later we came to know that it was the coldest day, Delhi has seen in the last five years. The day temperature was at a maximum of 14 degrees Celsius that day. Of course cameras and mobiles were not allowed at this high security region. The Nature Trail is a trip worth taking to understand the beauty and glory of our natural environment.
Day 5 – 26th January 2009
The 60th Republic Day Celebrations at Rajpath. Again no cameras and mobiles and hence no pics (pics below are on the road when we were going there). We had taken the VIP seats and were just about 200 meters from where the President was sitting. We did see Mrs Pratibha Patil, although not her face, but at least we could make out a woman in a saree at a distance saluting the parade. My conclusion: Never visit the place on republic day. Neither you are going to see anything clearly, nor hear anything. The view on the TV is much much better!
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