Monday, January 31, 2011

On time is a wonderful thing! Wait!

What prompted me to write this entry was the first part of the title to this entry. If you didn’t know or can’t recall, then let me tell you that ‘On time is a wonderful thing’ is the tagline of GoIndigo. That’s the airline whose flight 6E 258 is going to take me to Delhi today and it has been delayed by two hours due to the prevailing fog conditions at my destination. I enquired for my flight timings via SMS and I got the delayed status of my flight. But at the end of the message, ‘On time is a wonderful thing’ was not missing! Yeah, you read it right, it was NOT missing. So being two hours delayed is being on time, isn’t it??

Two hours delay also means two more hours of ‘wait’. Well, I thought about this term- ‘wait’- and got some interesting memories- old and current- and couldn’t control the urge to share them with you.

Since the last four days I have been waiting for my new mobile set to be delivered to me which I ordered from HomeShop18. With a promise of a two day express delivery, I am now waiting for the courier-wale bhaiya to deliver it to me at least on the fifth day today! And due to that I have been seating in my balcony since the time I woke up and praying that every passing by two-wheeler would be my courier deliverer. But no, I am still waiting! And if it is not delivered within the next 3 hours then I don’t know how long I would wait for it to reach me!

But I remember, back in October 2010, on the 20th day, I had a similar courier delivered to me and then it was unexpected as well because my wait hadn’t started then. I was supposed to get it delivered to me in the first week of November but I got it almost 10 days beforehand. Good. I had liked the surprise! :)

To while away my time, I called a friend of mine, but he asked me to wait for half an hour so that he could talk as he was in a class right now. Ok, again wait! I talked to another friend in the morning and he was in a train and so I am waiting for him to return to Delhi so we can talk. Again, wait! Moreover I am waiting to get back to college and catch up with the 7 days of classes that I have missed. And frankly speaking, 7 days of classes missed at MBICEM is something huge!! Missing even a single class is disastrous there, and I have missed seven straight days! Wow! Now I am waiting for the reactions of my teachers, some of them who are teaching my class for the first time!! Let’s wait and watch what happens!

Seriously, being on time is a wonderful thing but we all have got into the fashion of waiting!! Isn’t it??

Friday, January 28, 2011

The Word "SmaaaeeeeeeLL"

Existence/Occurence: No, there is no such word in the dictionary. But yes, the word is not wrong! People, who have pronounced it, will know that it is correct!

Pronunciation: It is a modified and extended form of the English word ‘Smile’. Pronounced as: Smaa-ee-L. (I tried to insert an audio file, but wasn’t possible)

Used by: (The people in the following slide show!)

Used why: Haha…no idea!!

Used when:

1. Instead of ‘hello’ on phone.
2. Clicking pictures.
3. Or as and when felt required.
4. Ya jab bhi mann kare!!

Origin: Ummm….well, I don’t think I have any idea? Do I? Hehe… You tell!

Some more fun?:

Reason for this blog entry: Nothing! Someone (from the ones above) suggested this to me some weeks back. That’s why! :)

What now? Nothing! SmaaaaaeeeeeeeeeeLLLLLLLLLLL !!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

12 things that I do when I have nothing to do

Here are the top 12 things that I do when I have nothing to do. I have noticed this over the last 5-6 days!

1. Watch Harry Potter movies
2. Write/Design Blog
3. Play Midtown Madness
4. Get addicted to City Ville
5. Refresh the facebook home page every other minute hoping to see a new notification
6. Spend 5-6 hours on facebook each day chatting
7. Download movies via torrent
8. Get tensed about missing classes in college
9. Check phone for that non-existing new SMS
10. Think about all that’s going on in life
11. Talk/Video chat on phone/skype/gtalk/Y! Messenger
12. Sleep….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………..

Now I wonder, if I do so many things, then how do I have nothing to do??

P.S.: Do leave your comments and let me know how many of the above things you do when you have nothing to do. And are there some other unique activities that you do??

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

30,000 feet above the ground!

Hello everyone! This is going to be a short and simple entry for my now not-so-new blog. But yes, this time it’s a blog entry with a big difference. At the moment I am 30,000 feet above sea level, up in the air!

Actually this is the first time that I have a laptop with me while I am on a long distance journey and so I thought let me do something different this time. Due to the massive cloud cover while taking off from IGI Airport Terminal 1D, I wasn’t able to see anything and even after that I somehow didn’t feel like taking a look at the views below from 30,000 feet above, one thing which I had enjoyed doing on my first two flights that happened in May-June last year! And yes, I remember going into the cockpit and taking pictures with the pilot! Had loved the experience! :)

At the moment, I first opened my Dell Inspiron and went on browsing through my now-huge movie collection. A few minutes of watching ‘No One Killed Jessica’ for the second time and then this idea struck me. The idea of writing a blog at 30,000 feet up in the air!

I am about to land at Biju Patnaik Airport in Bhubaneswar in a few minutes and I am going to my grandparents place and give them a lovely surprise. They wouldn’t ever expect me reaching there! Then in a day or two I will be going home to Sambalpur and spend some time there with my parents and sister.  And then in some days, would return to my routine life at college, with the difference that now I would be in the second semester there!

The best part of this journey of mine is that no one has any idea about me travelling if I exclude my family and some very close friends at college. So I hope it would be a nice surprise for everyone at Sambalpur- my friends and teachers and everyone else!

Probably it’s time for the landing now. So I take your leave now.


P.S.: If you didn’t guess it yet, let me tell you that I am going to be able to post this entry online only after I get down at Bhubaneswar as there is no connectivity for my Tata Photon+ at 30,000 feet up in the air!! Hehe…and do check out the pics above…
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