Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ferrari + Oreo + Papa = This post

There are two things which have prompted me to write this entry. One, the inconsequential sequence of events that my life witnessed today and two, some more thoughts which you will come to know if you go through this entire entry carefully. So, what was special about today’s ‘inconsequential events’? Well, there were quite a few things which happened unexpectedly today, the conclusion of which was reason enough to convince me that all this deserves a blog entry tonight.

After two weeks of internship at Times Now, I am proud to proclaim one thing: Waking up when the alarm rings in the morning, whatever the time might be (8 or 11), is impossible for me! I have to press the snooze button 3 or 4 times (at least) and when there is just enough time left to get ready (and by this time I am realizing that I am going to be late yet again today), I finally force myself up from the bed. Today’s morning was no different. But yeah, the later part of the day was.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yet another ‘milestone’ day

No secrets. No creeping to look for what’s coming. No eavesdropping required. Here’s no suspense. Today I celebrate the completion of the fourth year of my tryst with getting into the world of blogging. Yea…it’s celebration time!! :D

If you come by my blog often, then you have probably already observed that the entire look- layout, design and format- of the blog has gone through a complete makeover. You can now browse through the blog using three different methods: 1. Category of Interest, 2. Popularity of Posts and 3. Chronological Date.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Good stories have no frontiers

The time is 10.12.56 PM by the big red digital clock display on my far right. The white wall in front of me has five words on it: "Good stories have no frontiers". 20 LCD screens have as many news channels running on them simultaneously on the wall right behind me. On my left is a glass wall which at this time is showing me my own reflection thanks to the dark night sky outside. This entire huge hall with its walls and carpets all of just two shades- red and blue- houses me on one blue reclining chair in front of this computer terminal where I am sitting and typing this blog entry. I am doing my summer internship, sitting on the second floor of the Times Centre at the Film City in Noida.

The Times Centre, Film City, Noida. (Photographed from the backside)
It is very rare that I type a blog entry directly on blogger or for that matter, anywhere apart from my laptop. Lack of any immediate work and the fact that my supervisors have left for the day [;)], prompted me to click a few pictures and write a blog entry with my initial experience of this huge place.

Yeah, I mean it when I use the word "huge".

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