Sunday, October 27, 2013

That’s one hell of a (happy week) story to tell!

It all started last Saturday evening (19th October) after I returned home from my weekly drawing class at college. I wanted to go out and watch ‘Gravity’, the new Alfonso Cuaron film. I asked a few of my friends to accompany me. The problem was that nobody seemed to be saying a direct ‘No’ and instead a ‘May be’ was what I was getting as an answer. So that delayed me for each and every show of the film that PVR Saket had over the weekend. The moment I would decide that I was going to watch a particular show and I would check the seat status online, the show would seem to be getting housefull about 4 hours prior to the showtime. I got irritated. The online booking didn’t seem to be working for my VISA Debit card and I didn’t want to go to PVR Saket twice, once simply for booking the show tickets! And so, I finally dropped the idea and instead focused on completing my 200 sketches a week assignment which was to be submitted on Monday.

Working on the Sand Animation, Animation Lab, AJK MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
Starting Monday through Thursday, we had a Sand Animation Workshop at college. That was going to keep us busy. One minute of animation with a 12 frames per second speed, that meant, 720 individual and unique pictures to be clicked! It turned out to be a real patience-test for us. The only thing that probably kept me going was, “Once I am done with this, I am going to proudly show it to everyone as something I have done”.  And those hours from 9.30 AM to 5 PM seemed to fly by fast, very fast, leaving us mentally exhausted!

And this led to an awesome week ahead…

Friday, October 25, 2013

Punjab-da-khana, 'Guru ka Langar'

So my last post about the Amritsar trip did turn a few heads on facebook, thanks to my using of Punjabi language in the title and my friends trying to correct it. What I learnt was- instead of ‘Weekend vich Amritsar di yatra’, the title should have read ‘Weekend ch Ambarsar di Yatra’. Thanks Megha, Megha’s Dad, Anirudh, Anirudh’s Mom and Dev for all the debatable corrections! :D
Our first Punjabi food stop- Bade Bhai ka Brothers' Dhaba, Near Town Hall, Amritsar
And now here I am for the second part of my Amritsar trip. Visiting Punjab and not savoring the delicious food? Well, that wasn’t going to be the case for us. Our first stop at Amritsar was the famous ‘Bade bhai ka Brothers Dhaba’ near the Town hall after crossing a temporary bridge made of soft drink crates to cross the flooded street outside. It was time for some authentic Punjabi food for us. Actually, almost all of us, because while we had the best Amritsari naans my youngest cousin chose to have a cheese pizza! Kids of today, haha…!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend vich Amritsar di yatra

My Weekend trip to Amritsar
As the super cyclonic storm Phailin made its way to my home state Odisha, I set out on a car trip to Amritsar with my family. Even before we could reach the NH1/Grand Trunk Road, severe rain poured in and slowed us down. Google said the 470 km drive should approximately take 7 and half hours. From leaving home in Delhi to lodging in a hotel in Amritsar, it took us exactly 12 hours- 6.30 AM to 6.30 PM. Had we checked the weather prediction, we would probably have averted our trip plans. But because we didn’t, we were in for some pleasant surprises on our arrival at Amritsar.
The Golden Temple, Amritsar
Rain, rain, flood away
We reached Amritsar after sun down. Or probably it was the extensive cloud cover that led to the early shutting off of the natural light and darkening of the sky. Car showrooms of every brand lined up on both side of the highway as we made our way into the city. The last minute finalization of the trip had made sure that no hotel pre-bookings could be done online and we had to look for a good hotel on reaching the place. We managed to find a good hotel surprisingly soon but by this time it was certain that driving around and visiting places in our car in the flooded city would be impossible. Flooded, did I say? Well, yes! 

Friday, October 18, 2013

On my way home…

It is 2 hours past noon and even at this time of mid-October when evenings are already starting to bring the wintry feeling, the sun is blazing with all its intensity up in the sky and I am sweating profusely as I wait for my bus outside Pragati Maidan Metro Station.

Bhaiya, ek glass pani pila do”, I say to the young man in slightly oversized clothes standing with his ‘thanda pani trolley’ near the bus stop. As I gulp down two full glasses of cold water, I begin to wonder who I had just addressed to as ‘bhaiya’. On a closer look, it was apparent that this guy wasn’t anywhere near his teenage. I pay the meager two bucks that he charges and see a red 423 towards Ambedkar Nagar Terminal approaching. I run to climb aboard the a/c bus. There is a lady conductor. I get my ticket and find myself a window seat at the last row in the bus.

Monday, October 07, 2013

Of Choices, Decisions and their After-effects

There is so much going on in my mind. There is apparently so much happening in my life. There are so many thoughts I want to share. It feels as if these thoughts, mostly confused, are trying to force their way through the gates of my brain. The gates screech and move dangerously but refuse to open and let go. I don’t feel frustrated. I don’t feel irritated. But a sense of uneasiness and malaise prevails. I feel restless.

Tough ‘Futuristic’ Decisions

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