Saturday, November 16, 2013

When the heart bled, eyes wept

Guest Post by Himanshu Dubey

c Sammy b Deonaraine             74(118)

So, this is where it all ends. Like all the good things do.

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He will remain the most loved, most revered and definitely the most humble sportsman.

My passion for cricket has already seen a remarkable dip in intensity and it is only a few hours since He took the final walk back to the dressing room, waving his bat, acknowledging the vociferous crowd. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Surprises in the pages of today's TOI

As I got a chance to sleep till late morning today owing to the pre-Muharram holiday at college, and in a way surprisingly, a holiday for Children’s Day, I took a good amount of time in updating my current affairs by reading a physical newspaper. Yeah, the internet and my smartphone gave me an excuse not to subscribe to the daily morning papers! So I picked up The Times of India (TOI) and there I was, for a pleasant news reading time along with some pretty surprises.

The Times of India Isuue Dated 14-11-2013

175 years of TOI

I knew about the exact history of The Times of India thanks to my 'History of Print and Broadcasting' classes from the 1st year of BJ(MC). Holding the paper and finding the full page ‘Common Man’ picture and the short description, I asked myself, “Is today the 175th Anniversary of TOI?” If it is so, I wouldn't be surprised to find the lead story with a headline like ‘TOI completes 175 years in print’ or ‘Thanks for 175 years of support’. But no, would this paper be so selfish as to ignore the news and give itself the importance in the Lead Story itself? 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Legendary Story of Room #303

It is the 25th of March, 2010. The time is around 5 PM. The last paper of the Board Exams had just ended today.

‘Before he leaves, all three of us must write down our names together somewhere in this room such that it remains imprinted there forever, for all the future occupants of this room,’ Bangali told me. Yeah, everyone ought to know the legendary story of the 3 people who once lived here!

Room #303, Boys Hostel, DPS Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

Right now, we were standing outside the hostel gates waiting for Hitman to get the out pass signed from the warden and come here to the car. His luggage was loaded. He came around soon. A slow round of goodbyes and hugs followed. He got into his car and left.

I knew it right then that I was going to miss this guy. What I didn’t know was that I wouldn’t be seeing him again...

Friday, November 01, 2013

Passport-less check-in ‘near Lahore, Pakistan’, Wagah Border

The ultimate and the most-eagerly looked forward to destination of my Amritsar trip was the visit to the Wagah Border for the flag lowering ceremony in the evening. We left our hotel at around 3.30 PM (which we realized later, was quite late) and drove on the straight GT Road (literally, not a single curve and you can cross the border!) to reach Wagah Border by 4.30 PM. Thanks to the previous day’s rain, we were told that the parking area was flooded and the cars will have to be parked on the side of the main road and the rest of the way till the viewing stands would have to be covered by foot. You would not need any kind of guidance to reach the stands. Just follow the crowd. Yes, it is a huge crowd!
Heading to the Swarn Jayanti Dwar, Wagah Border, India
As soon as we were standing in the long queue leading up to the security check, we realized two major mistakes we did: One, we hadn’t booked the VIP seats which we could easily have done at Amritsar and two, because we didn’t have seats booked and it was the Dussehra holiday weekend, we should have reached here at least an hour ago so as to get seats in the stands. The place was overcrowded today!
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