Sunday, November 29, 2015

When work becomes overwhelmingly inspirational

There are loads of people across the country who are doing extraordinary things with the little resources they have. We come across these stories almost every other day in the form of the ‘Real Heroes’, ‘Amazing Indians’, and so on.

It is one thing to hear about them from someone, and a completely different experience to be with these heroes and hear their stories first-hand. Since I started working a month and half ago, I have been closely associated with some of these iconic stories and frankly speaking it has been an honour to have known these people.

Story 1

In the very first week of my joining the company, I got to know the story of Prince Tiwari, a guy who teaches homeless street kids in Kandivali in Mumbai. Over the next few days we met him and captured his story on camera. The fact that this guy was 23 - my age - and doing something that I probably never imagined doing struck me. Check out his inspiring story

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dawn of the Mumbai Way of Life

As compared to some of my friends from Delhi, moving to Mumbai was easy for me because at the end of the day, whether Delhi, Mumbai or any place else, I was away from home. The field I have chosen as a career demands my presence here, and I can’t help it.

Moving cities isn’t an easy task and most people avoid it. It’s usually the home base that comes by default and the work place is chosen accordingly. Someone who has lived their entire childhood and college life in one metro city, wouldn’t want to leave the comfort of home, friends, localities and everything that comes with it, to move to an unknown and different metro city altogether for getting settled with a job. But then it is completely subjective and non-conclusive.

Decorations for Diwali on a street in Lower Parel, Mumbai
It’s close to two and a half months now since I moved here, a little over a month since I started my first job and frankly speaking, it’s been quite a ride!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Book Review: Khel- The Writings by Vishal Goswami

Title: Khel- The Writings
Author: Vishal Goswami
Publisher: Frog Books
Pages: 146
Genre: Horror
Price: Rs. 145

The book arrived a week before Diwali and with my packed schedule at work, I decided to read it during my local train journeys to and from work because that was the only free time I could find.

The Story:

Khel- The Writings starts of as the story of a haunted house in a desolate location where a group of friends are found dead. An investigative journalist who is suffering from a loss in the family is assigned to the open-and-shut case. As expected there is a lot more happening than is visible to the eye and our protagonist is pulled into a horrifying mess that she must try and get out of for her and her family’s safety. You want to know what’s next, how is she going to tackle the ever increasing fear building inside her, what new mystery is going to unfold in the next chapter and will she live to report the story.

With an old story of a Nawab, a witch, a burned girl, and a deck of cards playing all the supernatural games, Khel is a clich├ęd thriller that keeps you hooked till the end.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

This is How Awesome BNLF Mumbai 2015 Was

I have attended a lot of IndiBlogger meets over the last 4 years. None of them come anywhere close to how grand and epic #BNLF Mumbai 2015 was last weekend. And I knew this when I got the first glimpse of the preparations at the venue a day before the event.

'BNLF is actually going to be inside an aeroplane and a grand one at that!' I told my sister that night. Her interest had been piqued. ‘Complete with check-in counters, baggage counters, boarding gates, security checks, an aircraft with a cockpit, windows and everything else’.
The Grand Bloggers' Group Photo, BNLF Mumbai 2015; Photo Courtesy: IndiBlogger
Being an insider has always excited me more than being just a guest/delegate, and so early on I had applied for the IndiCrew pass for the event (even before I moved to Mumbai). I had been selected for the IndiWelcome team and so on the first day of the event, had to reach by 7 AM. I was too excited to check out the venue and the completed mock-airport setup.

The lounge at The Lalit Mumbai was completely unrecognisable from how it looked the previous evening during the crew briefing session. I was awestruck with the details, the planning and the execution of the entire event.
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