Wednesday, September 14, 2016

5 Adventure Trips in India You Ought to Take Before Everyone Starts Doing It

Till a couple of years ago, ‘white water rafting in Rishikesh’ seemed like the most adventurous one could get. Suddenly, there have been so many additions to the adventure destinations of India that rafting is just one of the many activities available. In fact, ‘adventure destinations’ as a tourism aspect has taken centre stage just recently. Take a look at these 5 adventure trips which you ought to do now, before the places become too commercialised and easily accessible to all and before everyone starts doing it.

1. Take a Roadtrip to Leh

No guessing here, this had to be on top of the list. 3 Idiots and Rancho made it too famous and every summer our facebook timeline gets filled with some friend or the other’s majestic and awe-stunning pictures of the unspoiled Ladakh region. Due to the remote location, limited accessibility and the costs involved, Ladakh still hasn’t become the family vacation kind of a place, thankfully. Take a roadtrip from Manali to Srinagar via Leh and Kargil or directly fly to Leh, but do it. Do it before your awesome pictures can be adulterated with loads of tourists everywhere. (Been to Taj Mahal? Well, you know exactly what I mean then!)

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