Sunday, February 24, 2013

“Let me tell a story…”

This article was first published in Jhankaar 2012, the annual printed literature of MBICEM in February 2012. The reason for this being put up on the blog today? Well, today is Steve Jobs's birthday and a year ago on this day, the crazy achievement called Jhankaar 2012, had been successfully achieved by the inspiration of the late Apple co-founder.

On October 5th 2011 when Steve Jobs, one of the most iconic men in the field of technology, breathed last, I was busy preparing my own broadsheet as a part of my college assignment. Influenced by the gravity of the big news that took the world by storm, my team-mate inquired, “Shouldn’t we take Steve Jobs news as our lead story?” I did not take a second to turn down her suggestion. I responded, “Every other team would be doing the same thing with their newspapers, and so let’s not do it. It would set us apart”. What I didn’t know then was, two months later I would be looking for a chance to preach this icon’s ideas and his ‘Think Different’ thought-processes to an extent that all my talks would begin with something or the other from the life of ‘my’ icon.
The ferro printed copy of the Steve Jobs article page on Jhankaar 2012
When I gave a presentation in my class recently, I was dumbstruck at the fact that only few were aware of the wonderfully inspirational life of Steve Jobs. Adding woe to it was the fact that although we all are so familiar with some of the Apple products- the iPhone, iPod and iPad- we know almost nothing about the creation of these magical products; starting right from the full-form of the small italicized ‘i’!
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