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Vietnam-Cambodia 20 Day Budget Trip Expenses and Tips

How I saved on costs during my Vietnam and Cambodia 3 week trip and how you can tooI have been asked a few times over the last couple of weeks about my 3 week solo trip plan in January to South-East Asia (Vietnam and Cambodia) and how much it cost me. So I took some inspiration from fellow blogger Shrinidhi Hande and compiled this expense report. I hope this helps you estimate a budget if you are planning a similar trip to either of the two countries.

I am a budget traveler but with a twist- while I saved on accommodations (spent a total of less than Rs. 2000 on accommodations for the entire duration), I splurged on some other aspects. I don’t believe in travelling at a shoestring budget in a way that you miss out on an opportunity if it arises because it is too expensive or doesn’t fit in your budget. I mean, are you ever going to come back to this country to do it and let go the opportunity right now unless it is insanely out-of-budget? I tend to prepare my budget in a way that it al…

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