Monday, September 30, 2013

Why I went and saw ‘The Lunchbox’

Another movie that forces me to write a blog entry…Well, this time I had enough reasons to write about it even before watching it.

A lot has been said and written about Ritesh Batra’s ‘The Lunchbox’ over the past couple of weeks. Not many people in my circles had heard about the film before it released last week. Most of my college mates at MCRC said that since the film had Irfan Khan, it ought to be a good one. Not many were aware that this is one multi-award winning film which till a week back was contending to be India’s official nomination for the Best Foreign Language Film Category of the Academy Awards, but lost to ‘The Good Road’. Hardly anyone knew the reason why I wanted to watch this film in the first place.

With a packed college schedule every week (and half the weekend a.k.a. Saturdays), I went and watched the film with a few friends on Thursday evening. As I took my seat in the houseful show, I told my friend, ‘Look out for some known people’s names in the opening credits’.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

No, this ain't my third editorial

It’s a warm September evening and it’s starting to grow dark. I wave goodbye to my friends at the Uttarakhand Dhaba and start walking back home as they walk in the opposite direction to catch an auto. With just a few steps taken I turn back and look at them, half-expecting them to do the same. They are walking away. I am back on my track but my frame-of-mind and thought process has changed in those few moments of ‘looking back’. I am wondering, is ‘looking back’ and cherishing moments such an important part of my life?

With my college mates. Taken at the last-leg of our college trip. Picture dated 08-January-2013. 
I climb down the steps of the citi-fi complex and head straight into Madangir, my home since the past two years. I pass the now demolished ‘Ramu tea-stall’, the one spot where all my smoker friends at MBICEM can be found during the lunch hour. Ramu had been the one, two years ago, who my father and I had enquired about MBICEM from, when we first came to look for the ‘Madhubala Institute’. We had been directed to a pale-yellow building at the far end. I had told my father, “However good the college might be, after DPS, I am not coming to a place like this.”

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