Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mumbai Calling…Finally!

I don’t know what it is about this city that attracts me so much to it. What is it that keeps telling me to go and see this place? Why do I feel so attached to the place even before setting my foot on it? Why am I so much more excited to go to Mumbai than I ever was for going to Delhi? On the prospect of going to Mumbai, why have I always thought ‘it will happen when the right time comes’? I don’t know.

I hope in two months time I know most of these places. Picture Location: Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon (November 2012)
Just for note- Flashback to September 2006- the first thoughts of going to Mumbai had taken shape in my mind. I just didn’t know how or when it would happen, nor did I give much thought to it then.

And a little more backstory- Flashback to May 2012- prospects of going to Mumbai and internsing at a production house. Looked awesomely inviting. But I chose to go to Film City Noida and intern at Times Now. Mumbai will happen when the right time comes.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

5 types of friends we have after college ends

Of course there is a reason why I am writing this entry. It’s not even been one full year since my (grad) college ended, and there already is such a huge distance between my friends (The dooriyan badh gayi hain types). We already seem to be losing touch and hell yeah, that worries me! What got me thinking about this post was a WhatsApp message I sent a couple of nights back on a college friends’ group chat: ‘Because I won’t be in town for a long time after the coming weekend, so please let’s meet up’. Yes, the word ‘please’. We don’t usually need to use that with our good friends, do we?
Yes, the word ‘please’. We don’t usually need to use that with our good friends, do we?
The best thing I do when I have some worries in my head is to write them down, and so here it goes- this is an entry which I am expecting would be both cathartic and fun for you. And probably, it would remind some of my friends of certain aspects of life, because let me be frank- these characters are indeed based on some or the other characteristics (and once in a while, modified characteristics to suit the context better) of some of my very dear friends! Of course, offence intended! [;)]
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