Thursday, September 25, 2014

Chapter 15: The Countdown is on!

A fast paced suspense thriller from the highly enthusiastic team members of Team 'Supernova'.

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The train hadn’t stopped at Kota and now it was nearing midnight. There was a scheduled stop at Ratlam, but Shekhar knew that the train wasn’t going to stop there as well.

Hats off to whoever planned this entire hijack, he thought. Hijacking a passenger train and that too the Mumbai Rajdhani! Some serious planning ought to have taken place. We have no way to exit the train and no way to contact the outside world.

But as far as Shekhar knew the home minister was involved in this. Sarkar could easily have made sure no media channels take up the issue for a few hours. But with the train not stopping at Kota, clearly the authorities know something is wrong. There ought to be high alert by now! The entire country would be glued to their TV sets right now following minute by minute updates.

The scene inside the train hadn’t been very good these past 7 hours. Shekhar, Cyrus and Jennifer were the topic of discussion everywhere. They were after all, the only three names that the hijacker had taken on the public address system.


Friday, September 12, 2014

The Sixteenth Hour: Prologue

A tale from the highly enthusiastic team members of Team 'Supernova'.

The Rajdhani Express started gaining speed as it left the platform on New Delhi railway station.

As he placed his luggage under the berth and took his seat in the AC two-tier compartment, Shekhar Dutta smiled to himself. In less than 16 hours, he was going to be back in Mumbai, the city he had made his home many years ago and the city which now housed his little family.
Design Credits: Siddhesh Kabe, Team Supernova

Being a freelance writer who specialized in travel writing, he had travelled the length and breadth of the country over the past few years. It had been a welcome relief to get away from the confined-to-desk job he had had for nearly nine years. It was his marriage to Tara that had allowed the much required change.

“Excuse me, would you mind moving a little away from the window?” a female voice startled Shekhar.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Tales from the Streets of Mumbai

Within the first few days of my arrival in Mumbai, my flat mate and old college buddy who welcomed me there told me, “As you must have realized, this is a city very different from how we have seen life in Delhi. It’s been just a week since your arrival and you have seen such a different way of life here. Just imagine how much you are going to learn in the weeks that are yet to come. Each and every day we get to learn something new in this city.”
Captured this amusing scene at Marine Drive. Walking from Nariman Point to Churchgate and getting caught in the rains unaware.
(August 2014)
I stayed in Mumbai for one and a half months and was back there again last month for a week to attend a film festival. Such a short time, but I have non-exhaustive tales to tell from my experiences in the city. A change in metro, change in language and the lingo, the fact that I was from Delhi- all of it made some leaf turn and added new experiences to my memory. Here I am sharing a few of these amusing tales, which I am glad I got to witness first hand. I hope you enjoy going through each one of them.
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