Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Part II: 5 Must-Do’s when in Hyderabad

The auto journeys we took during our Hyderabad trip (December 2013) were all unique in themselves. Well, this is going to qualify as the subject for my next blog post, and so I will keep that to it for now. One of the autowallahs, who spoke way more than how much he concentrated on his work, told us the ‘4 Must Do’s when in Hyderabad’. He said- if you are in Hyderabad there are 4 things you just cannot miss- The Charminar, the Hyderabadi Biryani, the authentic Pearl Market and the Ramoji Film City.

At one of the panelled windows at Charminar, Hyderabad

We tried 3 of the 4 he mentioned, gave a miss to the pearls and tried a 5th one instead- biscuits. I thought it was worth writing a little about each one. 5 Must-Do’s when in Hyderabad- Have you tried them all?

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Part I: 5 ‘Little-known’ things about Hyderabad

The best part about travelling with family when you are not yet a bread earner is, perhaps, that you don’t spend anything and enjoy everything!

It worked out after many years.

‘Isn’t this the first trip in so many years that the four of us are taking together?’ I asked my mom.

‘Yes. If we ignore the Vaishnodevi trip. It was more of a ‘religious’ trip rather than a family holiday trip!’

Feels great when you are a train lover and there is a railway station right next
to your hotel. Lakdikapul Railway Station, Hyderabad
And so, as a treat from my father, we were off for a 3-day trip to Hyderabad the very next day of my arrival at home for my Winter vacations. Cutting the long story (of our arrival in Hyderabad) short-

Train delayed by 3 hours. Arrival at Secunderabad past midnight. Pre-booked hotel check-in. Sleep.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Cliffhangers at 221B, Baker Street! (Sherlock Season 3)

It was sometime in mid-2012 that my best friend and 2-year-hostel-roomie told me about a British TV series called ‘Sherlock’ and recommended watching it. It’s amazing, he said. Having never read a Sherlock Holmes novel and having just recently seen the 2009 film, I thought it’s worth a go. I downloaded the two season comprising of six episodes and was glued to them. Within two days, I had seen it all and read a lot more about the series online. I was SHER-LOCKED!

BBC's Sherlock- This has been my wallpaper and facebook cover pic for the last 10 days! #SherlockLives
The second season ended with what has been termed as the ‘biggest cliffhanger in the history of television.’ Yes, it was bigger than Chandler and Monica hooking up in London (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.) or Ted sitting outside Barney and (probably) Robin’s wedding (H.I.M.Y.M.) or if I could include films in the list, the recent 2nd installment of The Hobbit series (I have already got the book for this though, surely not waiting till 17th December to learn Smaug’s destiny!)! For a series I had no clue about a couple of days ago, I had now joined the millions of fans worldwide waiting for the third season of Sherlock. How the hell did he fake his own death?

A 1.5 year wait culminated with Sherlock Season 3 premiering on New Year’s Day in the U.K. I was too excited and tried keeping myself off the internet for some time, because I wanted to see this season on television, without getting the experience spoiled by the many ‘spoilers’ on the net. AXN India was going to start showing S3 from 3rd January every Friday. But then on the evening of 2nd, my best friend called. And things weren’t the same again.

Huge Sherlock Season 3 SPOILERS AHEAD (probably). Tread with caution! You have been warned!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Visit to an Underground Coal Mine

Oh yes! You read it right. While people are touring the world, I spend 3 hours visiting an underground coal mine. Apparently, 'under' my city. When I came to this new place for my month long winter vacation, I casually told my father that I would like to see an underground coal mine. Now that we were in a colliery and the mines were close-by, I thought it would be possible. He talked to his colleague and today’s day was planned for my excursion. Of course that meant waking up almost 3-hours earlier than my normal holiday-waking-up-time (Noon!), but then, it was worth it!

In the mining gear. The helmet, the flashlight, shoes and the stick. Notice the bell at the tunnel entrance near my left shoulder.
Was I scared? A bit.
Was I anxious? A lot!
Was I excited? Of course!

As a tourist you can visit the most amazing places in the world but you can never visit one of the coal mines which are in so much abundance in our country!
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