Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bidding Adieu to ‘That’ Reluctance: First Public Screening of My Film

‘Because we have a lot of time, would you like to see my film?’ I asked my classmates reluctantly.

‘Yes. Show us. You have been talking about it for so long’, TMS said.

‘Let’s screen the film’, SK added.

‘Put it up on the projector’, Sir told me.

‘Okay’, I said with a smile and took the pen drive out and went to set up the projector.

I had been talking about my film for some time. When I had put up the poster on facebook last month, some of my classmates had expressed the wish to see the film. Barring a couple of them, nobody had any clue what the film is about. I had no intention of revealing the suspense to anyone and wanted them to see it for themselves.

It had started as my final project for graduation. Shot over less than a week’s time with at least 3 shooting schedules between February to May 2013, the post-production led to the conversion of over 5 hours of footage shot on Mini DV tapes to a 24 minute long ‘short documentary film’.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Part IV: The Autowallah with the Most Inspirational Story

During our Hyderabad trip in December 2013, most of our point-to-point sites were covered in autos. The autowallahs in Hyderabad, Wikitravel had warned us, would be too rowdy and are known to charge exorbitantly even to the locals. We, as tourists, hardly stood a chance of bargaining with them or plead them to go by the meter. As it turned out, we met quite a few unique autowallahs during our trip. I have talked about the ‘tell me the way’ guy and the ‘preach while you drive’ guy in my previous post.

There was a third autowallah we met. It was the importance that this particular autowallah deserved, that led me to dedicate a separate post to him. He was unlike any autowallah I have ever met anywhere. Read on to learn the amazing story of the ‘studying MCA’ guy. Yeah, you read it right!

Monday, February 03, 2014

Part III: The Amazing Autowallahs of Hyderabad

While reading so many travel blogs in the past years, I have wondered one specific thing- how do travelers bump into ‘characters’ worth writing about when they are in a strange new place? Probably it’s just a little conversation that one needs to strike with some random person which ultimately results in such wonderful stories, I used to think. But then, I went to Hyderabad and met some such ‘characters’ myself without feeling the need to start a conversation!

Hyderabad streets are flooded with the Yellow-Black Autos. This picture was taken from the Charminar, Hyderabad.
One of the weirdest things that happened to us on our trip to Hyderabad was the unique auto drivers/autowallahs we got at each point of our travel. Yes, unique. Each one in his own different way. There were the ‘Tell me the way’ guy, the ‘Preach while you drive’ guy and more. One city, three days and so many different quality-filled autowallahs! I haven’t seen such interesting characters in Delhi yet!

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