Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Why do I blog? The 'Dosa' Paradigm

It is so funny how we can get the weirdest and the most amazing ideas at the most unusual places and situations. I was sitting at the nearby south Indian corner this evening and had ordered myself a masala dosa, one of my most favourite meals. As soon as the dosa was placed in front of me I began wondering how many people start eating a dosa from the sides and how many start right from the masala area in the centre. I can write a good blog entry on this, I thought and laughed.

As I started with the dosa, my thought process continued exploring the concept and I asked myself- Come on, why would people want to read about their ‘dosa’-eating habits? 

A typical masala dosa! Image courtesy: Google Images
It is so amazing how thoughts can connect one thing to another. From dosa, I further questioned myself, Why do I continue writing my blog, even though I know I don’t have many visitors? It has been nearly 6 years, and I am still blogging. Why? 

This was when I remembered the current topic on IndiSpire- What inspired you to be a blogger? What is it that still keeps you going? And that was it. Let me write about it, I thought.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Part V: Ramoji Film City- A Pictorial Journey

When our Hyderabad trip (December 2013) was being planned, if there was one place which was on top of my priority list of Places to Visit, it was the Ramoji Film City. I had heard a lot about it, seen the ads on ETV for so many years, my maternal aunt had been there few years ago and it would be my first real ‘film city’ visit! I was superbly excited and we scheduled one entire day of our 3-day trip for it.

As it turned out, one full day is just not enough for seeing everything at Ramoji! Yes, it is that vast! Spread across 1666 acres, it holds the Guinness World Record of the largest film studio complex in the world. I wanted to see each and every bit of this entire studio on my visit, and if luck might favour, catch the shooting of an actual film there.

Now I wouldn’t want your experience to be spoiled by descriptive details about the tour and everything at Ramoji, because I think not knowing what and how exactly things are around there, was the best part of my Ramoji experience. It’s a place that requires a real visit to satiate one’s sense- in all senses! No, I am not telling you how it feels to walk right from the Mughal streets of Agra to the American Wild West, through haunted houses to Jaipur's Hawa Mahal, all in a few moments! Also, how can I forget the four-sided building with four different looks from all sides including an airport and a public library, and the railway station which looks like a city station from one side and a village station from the other and has a train with rubber wheels on road and not rails?

That is why I decided to take you through a huge pictorial journey with little tid-bits from me here and there, which would, I am sure, attract you to this amazing place. All pictures courtesy: My family and me. And I have hugely reduced the picture sizes, so I hope they don't take much time to load.

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Emergence of K-dramas in the Indian TV circuit

Ok, so How I Met Your Mother ended last week and the whole online community was abuzz with happy, sad and angry reactions by fans the world over to the finale. A couple of months ago, the legendary Dr. Hur Jun made his way to the Indian television, and well, wait a minute- Dr.Hur Jun? Who?

Now check what is common to all these terms: Samsung, Psy, Gangnam Style, Hyundai. Famous brands, popular songs- what’s common there? Korea!

Dr Hur Jun- popular Korean drama series, now being broadcast in India
You are probably not the only one with this kind of a reaction. Till about a month ago, even I had no idea that we have Korean television shows running on Indian channels in India. While the American shows have kept me and almost everyone in my friend circles deeply engrossed, the Korean shows haven’t made a mark, yet. And I don’t blame anyone except my ignorance for the same.
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