Friday, January 30, 2015

The Saucy Shout Out Dare: Proposal on College Loudspeaker #cupidgames

A college student is dared to ask his crush out on Valentine's Day. That's not it- he has to do it with the entire college listening LIVE. Will Ayushman be successful in his endeavor? Will Deeksha agree? 

Watch the video to find out now- it's the cutest and the most daring proposal you have seen in recent days! :D

This post has been written for Indiblogger Happy Hour Close Up Cupid Games 2015 #cupidgames

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ramblings of a Thoughtful Mind

Every minute of every day we learn
From all we choose with caution,
Stronger to face the world and life
Wiser to not be scared of oblivion.

Death indeed is an unknown exploration 
The kingdom of heaven or bottomless chasm;
Life is but the one big chance we get
Live it and enjoy; ignore and die every day.

As I see more of life, growing up is harder
With each sunset my heart grows colder,
Innocence was a virtue best as a kid
Aging I see, the world grows faker.

It's in friends we keep our faith
One wrong move and hope fails,
Trust of people be kept a little close
And we live to see one day more.

20 January 2015. 1.25 AM

PS: Some random thoughts led me to try writing poetry for the first time last night. I am not sure if the lines make much sense, but look forward to your comments.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Nainital: The Arduous Trek to China Peak

This travelogue got featured in Outlook Traveller, India's leading travel magazine.

“If you come back by 6, which I really doubt, although it is not impossible for you young boys and girls, I will make hot tea for you,” promised the lone tea-stall owner at the base of China Peak as I got two bottles of water from him.

It is one thing to have high spirits about doing something, and another to actually understand the reality and do it.

I started the uphill climb and had taken less than 100 steps when thoughts of ‘being realistic’ crossed my mind. ‘Rather than getting ill by trying to act brave, it’s better to stay here and wait for everyone to go up and come back’, I thought. But then, I couldn’t accept that thought. How could I, of all people, give up so easily? How could I not go to the top? How could I miss on the adventure?

View of the hills surrounding Naini Lake, Nainital. The highest point on the top-right is China Peak/Naina Shikhar.
Photo courtesy: Shivangi Sharma, November 2014

We had started our climb quite late in the day. It was 3 PM. This being the end of November, just a couple of hours remained until the sun went down. Our taxi driver advised us against the plan. He said the uphill trek alone would take us a lot of time since we are not used to treks like these and it would be completely dark even before we start our return journey. Also, half of us had to catch our bus back to Delhi in the evening and had to pack before that. We decided to take the risk.

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

10 years ago I chose Harry Potter

“I used to tell you about these books, but you never cared,” Mom would tell me later. But I have no memory related to the subject before this day. I didn’t know a certain group of people across the world were standing in queues hours in advance to get their hands on the newly launched book in the series.

I had turned 13 less than a month ago, a student of Class 7 I was. And I had no clue what Harry Potter was.

Something related to magic. People flying on brooms. That was it. That was all I knew and I never was curious about it.

It was something about magic. Magic was bad. The imagery of witches flying on brooms was bad. And there are ghosts. Horror. A completely negative idea. I am not interested. Thank you. 

Saturday, January 03, 2015

This absolutely ‘relative’ thing about Staying in Touch

This post got featured in the Spicy Saturday Picks on Blogadda.

It’s such a common thing, but have you ever given it a thought? How do we stay connected with different people we meet at various stages of life? The modern technology aside, it’s actually weird and a bit magical when you think about it.

  • Some people stay with us, at all times. We meet them in school or in college and they just stay there with us, always. The same.

  • Some are the ones who we are very close to in our time together. The best friends. The closest buddies. They know us inside out. And the relation continues the same way, always. We have our ups and downs including some big fights when we don’t talk for months at end, but the intricacy of the relation keeps the intimacy intact. Busy work schedule cannot put us away for long.
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