Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Last Day: The pie stands consumed

9th May, 1:50 AM (Pre-Farewell Party)

Hey guys

Seriously what the hell am I doing? You guys say you read my blog. Some of you probably do. But still, you are not reading this, without me poking the link to you, are you?

Haah.. Gotcha!

Haha.. Okay so that's not me. You know that well. (I don't know how and when I decided to let that happen)

Two years ago when my graduation ended, I wrote a letter to all my friends at MBICEM- it was something I had wanted to do. It contained things I wanted to share with people but had never been able to, I wanted to clear a lot of misconceptions about me through it. And I knew one thing for sure when I joined MCRC- a letter like that would never be written by me again for the friends I make here. You know why? Because I never intended to have any kind of strong bonds with you. I just didn't want to have any connection. None of any kind. Spend 9.30 to 5 in college and then leave the place, the people, the work and go back to the people and things I enjoyed doing. I just hated this place. I hated each and every little thing about here. And it was not because of anything, but an unwise choice made by me. I was stuck.
26-05-2015- Last Day
I distinctly remember the last working day of our first semester. End of November 2013. I got out of the lab and the sky was already darkening. The corridors were completely empty. For the first time an unusual and unexpected thought struck me- three semesters later, I am going to miss seeing this view every evening.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bombay Velvet: And why YOU need to decide if it is good or bad

NO SPOILERS. This is NOT a review.

So this morning I went to PVR Saket and saw the much talked about (and criticised) film of the week: Bombay Velvet. My first reaction at the end of the film: Why do I suddenly feel that this entire thing against BV is some serious kind of negative propaganda done by the media, critics and filmmakers together against Anurag Kashyap?

I haven’t read a single review of the film till now (I never do when I know that it is a film I have to see. Else I would have a biased opinion about it even before I see it and that would absolutely influence my movie watching experience). But with the kind of negative response coming from all sectors (you can’t avoid the internet right?) I did my best not to get influenced by any of the comments until I saw the film myself. Yes, whoever wrote it, said it right- the internet IS killing Bombay Velvet! And it’s not just BV. It is the internet (and facebook specifically) which is killing good films and encouraging stupid ones. And most of us have fallen into this trap. (Completely. Without knowing probably.)

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bolting our way to Neemrana Fort #BoltDrives

“How much driving experience do you have, Antarik?” Arvind Sir asked me from the backseat.

“Frankly, not much,” I nervously replied.

“Don’t worry. Just be calm and drive,” he told me.

I kept my attention on the road, the speedometer close to 90 and the highway almost empty on the Sunday afternoon.

It had been a surprise when I had received an email from Blogadda a week ago inviting me to be part of a test-drive experience of the new Bolt from Tata Motors. Going by the minimal driving experience I have and the lack of confidence generated mostly by the paranoia of my family members (that I would crash the car), my response had been reluctant. I responded to the email saying I wouldn’t be comfortable driving a new car all by myself. A little communication over the next couple of days and my excitement of getting to drive a car without any of the ‘paranoia’ made sure I finally agreed to be part of this first-time experience.

The Godfather Lounge at Hotel Galaxy, Gurgaon #BoltDrives
Came Sunday morning and I was headed to the Galaxy Hotel in Gurgaon, the start point of the drive to Neemrana Fort & Palace. It was a warm welcome at The Godfather Lounge of the hotel where I was handed over a goodie bag and got to know about my team members and co-drivers. To my surprise, I was to join two fellow bloggers who I have known after having met a couple of times at previous blogging events.

Friday, May 01, 2015

A Different Delhi

As I took the turn towards my place, I finally took my phone out. It was a few minutes past 11. I saw that the main gate of the building was open. I thought it was unusual since the gate was usually locked before 11. Quite a few things have been unusual this evening, I thought.

I was out in Saket this evening. Experimenting with the bookmyshow mobile app, I had earlier in the day booked a movie ticket. I left home well on time for the show and for some reason I realised I had a feeling of uneasiness as soon as I stepped out of the house. It’s probably just because I haven’t left the house whole day, I thought. I had a little difficulty on finding myself an autoricksaw, but managed to get one and reached PVR Saket well before time. 
A most unusual sight greeted me. There was a loud sound of someone speaking on the mike with instrumental music in the background. I wondered where it was coming from. There was no difficulty in spotting the source. The entire area in front of the multiplex was occupied for some kind of function. The decoration seemed nice but seeing something like this here surprised me. I didn’t bother finding out what exactly was happening, having realised it was some kind of religious function going on.
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