Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Movie: ‘Time Out’ (2015) is worth your Time

This is not a review. No spoilers.

I got to know about this new film ‘Time Out’ when I accidentally stumbled upon its trailer about a month back. What surprised me was spotting a batchmate from Jamia playing a character role in the film. I had never actually interacted with him but sure I recognised the often-seen face. And as has been the case with Lunchbox, Ship of Theseus, Shahid, Queen, Bombay Talkies and some other films, the appearance of the name of someone I know (either as a good friend or acquaintance) in the credits of the film, superbly excites me. And I'm yet to actively start working in this industry, so I guess the naive and kiddish attitude is fine for now.

This being a Tuesday, apparently the cheapest movie tickets day in Mumbai and because I was in mood for a light-headed entertainment, I decided to go for this film at the nearby multiplex. As I reached the ticket counter, I spotted my batchmate from the trailer with a couple of other mates from college. A brief round of introductions later, we realised we were there for the same show.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

For the love of trains, experiences and the Wardha bond

Train journeys have fascinated me ever since I was born. And for some reason, even after 23 years and uncountable train journeys, if I spot a train somewhere unexpected, I would cry out loud in excitement. No wonder, trains have seen a prominent presence in so many of my blog posts.

It’s a Saturday night in early September and I am sitting comfortably on the side-lower berth. My bedding is ready and most of the compartment lights have been switched off. Going by usual Indian train etiquettes and timings, 11 PM is very late and people are already midway through their sleep schedule. But train or no train, I doubt I can ever go to sleep this early. As per plans (since the moment I noticed the side berth had a laptop charging point), I should have been watching another episode of Suits Season 5, but events of the last couple of hours resulted in me sitting calm and writing this entry.
With a lot of time to bide, I took a good stroll around the station platform when I came upon this
huge name board and a thought- In the time of internet ticket bookings, there still is a huge population
that relies on these signposts to head to their destinations!
A few minutes after 9 this evening, my train arrived at Wardha. My ‘link’ train from Balharshah waits here for 1.5 hours for the ‘main’ train coming from Nagpur. The two trains then connect and proceed on the journey to the destination together. For an Indian train to have a 1.5 hour long scheduled stop is uncommon, and probably only links like these demand such huge time gaps ‘to be on time’.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Mumbai Mayanagri’s Mystic Melodrama

This post got featured in the Spicy Saturday Picks on Blogadda.

My flatmate pointed at a white SUV coming from the opposite direction and told me, “Nawazuddin Siddique is often spotted in a white car like this one, and he sits on the front seat.”

I looked carefully at the car, but it obviously wasn’t the actor’s.

A few seconds later, we overtook another white car from the left and I looked to my right inside the car. Less than a couple of feet away, Nawaz sat in the car in a blue shirt and looked at me for a second before looking away.

Lo and behold! What kind of timing and co-incidence was this?

This was couple of days back. It was late afternoon and raining slightly. I was pillion riding on a bike with my flatmate in Versova and we were on the topic of celeb-spotting in Mumbai.

Yes, Mumbai.
Caught in an unexpected spell of rain on the Juhu beach, Mumbai
After months of planning, apprehension and discernment, last Sunday I finally took a leap of faith and arrived in Mumbai. For the social media loving person that I am, all my friends immediately knew that I had arrived in the city.

“But why?” many asked.

“The future,” I simply replied.

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