Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hands on the Wheel: Experiencing the Tata Hexa

As you might be aware from my previous post, I was in Hyderabad last weekend to experience the Tata Hexa. The brand new SUV from Tata Motors that goes with the tagline ‘Power-packed, Feature-loaded, Adrenaline-pumped’, is definitely a vehicle that is going to set new standards for the competition in the growing mid-range SUV segment. This post details my driving experience of the Tata Hexa over 45 kms of roads early one Sunday morning.

The Drive

Our 170 km drive was to begin from the Novotel Hotel, Hyderabad Airport. The route to be taken began on the airport road that connects with the Hyderabad-Bangalore 8-lane highway for about 11 kms, followed by a brief stretch of 4-lane divided road and finally a 40 km stretch of undivided 2-lane road. 

When we were briefed about this the previous evening, I had decided I would take up the initial bit- the safe zone of the highway, considering how narrow roads make me nervous. It didn’t take me long to convince my team mates Arvind Sir and Sam.

Early Sunday morning, the flag off happened and the drive began. Getting used to the automatic setting didn't take me more than a minute, although it was the first time that I was driving an automatic gear-shift car. Getting used to the bulk of the car did take me some time, although the bulkiness of the car wasn’t felt. I didn't just drive through the airport road and the highway but also a few kilometres in the 2-lane undivided road. And this was with absolute ease in the various drive modes. For the first time in all these years probably I had enjoyed driving a car so much and didn’t want to give the driving seat to others! Hahaha!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Heading to Hyderabad for the Tata Hexa Experience

‘You are the 60 Most Influential Indian Bloggers from various genres,’ announced Ashish Sahni, the Digital Marketing Lead for the Passenger Vehicle segment for Tata Motors.

We were gathered in the Ball Room of the Novotel Hotel, Hyderabad Airport on a Saturday evening, having flown from various cities across India earlier in the day. After checking in to our room, the afternoon was spent meeting other known blogger friends from various cities including Manjulika, Arvind Passey and Shrinidhi. I had already met Aziz and Sanjay at the airport and was sharing a room with Ashwini.

We spent some time clicking fun pictures of the Hexa parked in the lawns of Novotel, with the sun setting in the background. Well, we were all bloggers at work.

We were 60 bloggers in Hyderabad on invitation from Tata Motors to drive and experience their brand new soon-to-be-launched car- Tata Hexa- and were gathered in the ball room for the briefing regarding the car and to understand what to expect from the drive early next morning.

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