Thursday, May 29, 2008


Almost couldn’t sleep at night. Woke up at least once every half an hour. Am I really so much nervous for the results coming out today?

Finally, woke up at 6 am. Waited impatiently for someone to call over phone and tell me my marks. I had never imagined that I wouldn’t be able to see my results myself. I never even thought that my parents and sister won’t be with me (physically) when my results are out. I couldn’t do anything. One needs to adjust with the situation as and when what it demands. Ok… enough emotional stuff…

At around 8:20 am, my sister called and said!!!94.2%!!! Wow! 0.1% more than what I actually expected. Great! Almost all family members and some family friends called to congratulate…but…not 95%... L … Papa had presented me the 7th Harry Potter book on the condition that I must secure 95%...

Sanskrit Sir is the happiest today since I have known him. After all, four students out of seventeen don’t score cent percent every other day. I didn’t have the faintest idea that I would score highest in English in my class. I didn’t stand first in class due to just one mark. But I never expected I would be a position holder in class (after 12 years with no mention in the top three, who would expect?). Board exams are after all, the only real EXAMS!!!

Papa has applied online for admission in Delhi Public School (DPS), R K Puram. I am quite sure I would get admission there.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Woke up in the morning. My cousin said I was saying something in my sleep. I clearly remembered the dream I had been watching: I was standing at the base of a multistoried building clutching my Board mark sheet and completely heart broken. Almost all my classmates were standing on top of the building with cheerful happy faces. I was sad and glum. I had secured below 92% and almost everyone was above me. My best friend had stood first with above 97%. Our usual class topper had secured just 93%. Oh God, why am I having such nightmares??? Am I so nervous for the results? Will I really not get my expected 94%?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

First entry: What a DREAM !!

I don’t know why I chose this day to start my blog. I just did it. I have written so many things here which are not even in my diary: some quite emotional stuff. One thing that I would like to make quite clear from the very beginning is that whatever is written in this blog is completely my personal experience and my feelings. They are not meant to hurt any person any time in any way. Most importantly, I need your comments about my writing style: if it is difficult to understand or if I sound quite boring or whatever you wish. Well, now I need to start somewhere…

My morning started quite early that day. Normally I wake late on holidays but may be that day was special. I went for Maths tuition at A K Tripathi Sir’s at 6 in the morning!!! This might be my last class. During my midday nap, I had two, almost beautiful dreams: First- My Principal Sir Mr S K Bhoi is congratulating me for standing first in class with over 95%. I was shocked. J Oh God, please make this true! Second- I am meeting Shah Rukh Khan personally at some theatre (This should come true). When I took out my autograph book to get his autograph, no blank pages were left in it. Oops!! This should never come true.
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