First entry: What a DREAM !!

I don’t know why I chose this day to start my blog. I just did it. I have written so many things here which are not even in my diary: some quite emotional stuff. One thing that I would like to make quite clear from the very beginning is that whatever is written in this blog is completely my personal experience and my feelings. They are not meant to hurt any person any time in any way. Most importantly, I need your comments about my writing style: if it is difficult to understand or if I sound quite boring or whatever you wish. Well, now I need to start somewhere…

My morning started quite early that day. Normally I wake late on holidays but may be that day was special. I went for Maths tuition at A K Tripathi Sir’s at 6 in the morning!!! This might be my last class. During my midday nap, I had two, almost beautiful dreams: First- My Principal Sir Mr S K Bhoi is congratulating me for standing first in class with over 95%. I was shocked. J Oh God, please make this true! Second- I am meeting Shah Rukh Khan personally at some theatre (This should come true). When I took out my autograph book to get his autograph, no blank pages were left in it. Oops!! This should never come true.


  1. oh god!!unbelievable after the way u write now..
    this entry just proves..the first step to the ladder is important..the ladder will eventually itself lead u to the top!:)
    n thanx for guiding me here..the entry which was certainly supposed to be missed!:p

  2. @vartika- i can understand :P
    keep an eye for more such bizarre and random stuff :D

  3. hahaha...what a dream it was!!!
    accha vaise is it your blog's birth day???

  4. @Anirudh-'s bday is 13th June...this was just the first entry that i wrote...:)


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