Raahgiri Day- An amazing start to a Sunday morning at CP

With the extensive campaigning over the last many weeks, I had heard and read a lot about 'Raahgiri Day', a cause supported by The Times of India. I knew that it had something to do with 'getting cars off the road' and 'making streets pedestrian friendly'. As much as I wanted to go and attend a Raahgiri day, the timing of 6-10 AM on a Sunday morning didn't work out. I wasn't ready to sacrifice the few extra hours of sleep in the morning on the only Sunday in the week.

Early morning joggers at Raahgiri Day, Connaught Place, Delhi
These days we certainly see the sunrise rarely and the days when we see it are usually the ones when we haven't slept all night. It was one such lucky sunrise this morning thanks to an overnight stay at a friend's place for his birthday. I was headed to Connaught Place (CP) to witness a Raahgiri day.

As the sun cast its first rays of the day while the recently installed huge national flag fluttered overhead, I saw a face of CP I have never seen before. With the shops closed and the roads to the Inner circle barricaded for motor vehicles, it was Raahgiri time at CP. As I entered the inner circle, I saw hundreds of people walking, running, jogging, skating and cycling on the road.

I walked around the inner circle to explore the hub of activities the place had been transformed into. There were people waiting in queues to rent a cycle for free to ride, stages had been setup around which dance and other fitness activities were in full swing, open air gyms and areas for playing football were marked on the street and people could be seen engrossed in loads of other activities.

Of course there was the huge amount of photography and selfie-graphy going on everywhere. Every person had a smile on the face.

You can hire a cycle for free- Raahgiri Day, Connaught Place, Delhi

Cycles parked for hire during Raahgiri Day, Connaught Place, Delhi

People waiting for their turn for hiring cycles during Raahgiri Day, Connaught Place, Delhi

The Sports Arena on the Inner Circle Road during Raahgiri Day, Connaught Place, Delhi

A football match in progress during Raahgiri Day, Connaught Place, Delhi

Badminton isn't far. Raahgiri Day, Connaught Place, Delhi

Gymming area for kids during Raahgiri Day, Connaught Place, Delhi

Gym area during Raahgiri Day, Connaught Place, Delhi

Cyclists during Raahgiri Day, Connaught Place, Delhi

A stage dance-aerobatics practice. Raahgiri Day, Connaught Place, Delhi

We dance, you dance, stay fit. Raahgiri Day, Connaught Place, Delhi

Stay fit- that's the mantra. Raahgiri Day, Connaught Place, Delhi

The immense love for raahgiri being showered on The Times of India. Raahgiri Day, Connaught Place, Delhi

'I love Raahgiri Day' Raahgiri Day, Connaught Place, Delhi
What impressed me the most was the sheer number of early morning wakers who had turned up at CP to be part of the activity. From 3 year olds to 80 year olds, everyone seemed to be proud of being part of this first-of-its-kind event in the city. The initiative was probably taken to encourage people to be part of activities and stay fit. What I enjoyed the most was the amazing spirit of the Delhiites in having fun while making an attempt to stay fit.

If you are in Delhi and are free on a Sunday morning, go to CP and be a part of the Raahgiri day. I assure you, it's going to be an amazing experience.

Where? Connaught Place Inner Circle, New Delhi
When? Every Sunday 6-10 AM
How to reach? Metro, bus, car, feet- all means accessible

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  1. Loved the pictures antarik ! I have never ever seen this side of CP..its surprisingly good :D

    1. It's worth exploring Ritika. Do visit and share your experience :)

  2. I was not aware of this aspect of Delhi. Quite informative and illustrative.

  3. Hi...we too,just loved it.....hv put all Saturday night commitments at backseat for few weeks so that we can get up early on Sunday....nd good day u hv put it i, such a beautifully written blog....hope many more get inspired to join it....otherwise Delhi had become just a place to dress nd eat....thanks rahgiri to bring fitness awareness back to life

    1. Hey Antarik

      Do you know whetted to park to get into under circle for raahgiri. I will be coming from Dwarka. Thanks in advance for your help

    2. Hey Jitendra, as far as I am aware, there is enough parking space in the outer circle of CP. You can park and walk to the inner circle.

  4. Will raahgiri day be held next sunday i.e, 2nd Nov also in CP ?

  5. Hi , is this is available on all sundays every month?

  6. Replies
    1. Yes it is. Also, it is starting at Dwarka from tomorrow. Please check the Facebook page for the latest updates: https://www.facebook.com/RaahgiriDayDelhi

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