Thursday, June 24, 2010

The confused soul that has been me...

94.2% in my 10th boards, 95% in Science and an undecided career, led me to join the Science stream with Computers at Delhi Public School Vasant Kunj. "IIT, IIT, IIT, IIT......", the mantra that ran in everyone's mind, started its run in me too. I joined Narayana for coaching for JEE 2010 with the aim of a B.Tech degree in Computer Science. A few months with it (5 to be precise) and I had realized that Science was surely not my cup of tea. My results were declining at school and I had never been better than 'poor' at the tests at my coaching.  The mounting pressure would have soon led to a mental breakdown! I decided to drop IIT.

With less pressure now, I had more time for other non-academic activities. (Of course my study hours never increased!! It was the same 2-3 hours a day at the max. till the end of 12th minus the exam times!!) I started spending more time with friends- chatting, gossiping and vellapanti were at the peak!

National Institute of Design (NID)- I appeared for the entrance on 10th January 2010. I had no idea how the question paper was going to be, neither did I perform well. But at least I enjoyed an exam for the first time! (And thanks to this, I wasn't able to study anything for my Chemistry Pre-board exam scheduled the very next day!) I had thought of joining coaching classes for NID a year back but thought better of it...preferred concentrating only on my boards!

Boards over and I knew that the marks that I was going to get were not going to qualify me in any Delhi University College. (Stephens toh bhul hi jaao!) So now the only option was: apply for as many entrances as possible and kahin pe toh apni seat pakki karo!

IIT and AIEEE- I did appear both with the expectation of being able to solve atleast one or two questions! Hehe... Had appeared for the Architecture exam of AIEEE seriously though! Then appeared for the entrance of Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune and I did qualify it! I got selected for the Studio Test and Interview. I worked hard on my portfolio for the same and was sure that if I got through the Studio Test, then my portfolio was enough to impress the judges to accept me as a student of their institute!

AIEEE results were declared and I got 2703 All India rank and 262 Delhi State rank in the Architecture paper with a score of 227. Options opened...Architecture was not bad after all!!

I qualified the Symbiosis Studio Test as well as the Interview for admission into the institute.

I had also appeared for the Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJMC) Common Entrance Test of Indraprastha University and surprisingly qualified it with an All India rank 23! Wow! That came as unexpected! And with this I waved goodbye to Symbiosis.

Common Aptitude Test for English- Delhi University's English(H) entrance. I appeared for it and got a CATE score of 70% which qualifies me in at least 5-6 DU Colleges. But I had already decided for BJMC and so I had not even appeared for CATE seriously and so the result didn't matter!

I have my counselling for IP sometime next week for which I am going back to Delhi on 27th. Will be there for just 2-3 days this time.

And now I am thinking...should I add "...but not any more" in the title to this entry, So it would be "The confused soul that has been me...but not any more"?? Ummm....(CONFUSED AGAIN!!)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

2 Years...and above 75 entries...The journey so far...and beyond

Hello everyone

It's the 13th of June today. The year is 2010. I am sitting in front of the computer at 5 in the morning, after I realized the significance of today's date in my life.

Exactly two years back, on this very day, I had started writing my blog. I had come to know what a blog is and taking inspiration from Amitabh Bachchan's blog at 'bigadda', I had dreamed of starting an online journal through which people who are interested could get a first hand info about my day-to-day life.

I started this blog with short and brief but frequent entries, which mostly included my day-to-day life happennings. Somehow I never got more than 2 or 3 visitors for almost a whole year!

Then one of my friends suggested me to make entries in a way that would appeal to others and would not cater to my interests alone. I realized that I was not Amitabh and people were not actually interested in what I was upto.

Over the past year, the frequency of my entries decreased substantially, but at the same time, the quality increased. My writings no longer remained confined to the boundaries of my life. I started writing things that were surely going to appeal to my most frequent readers: my friends and relatives. And no doubt, I had a slow but day-by-day increasing readership at this blog. May it be my entry about my friends and hostel life (click here to see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) or may be my directorial debut or critical appreciation of 3 Idiots.....all these found really big readership and my visitors found it appealing enough to re-visit my entries.

Another thing that has surely become better is my writing style. I have found much appreciation from my most frequent visitors regarding this.

A month back this blog even found a name for itself. From "ANTARIK ANWESAN" it came to be known as "ON SECOND THOUGHTS..." And a new layout also found its place at I even found recognition from google to include my blog in its blog search!

So now, for the future? Well, I will be as regular as I can, not because I want you to know what I am going through in my life, but because I love writing! And moreover, I love blogging!!

Hope you have a wonderful time in reading my future entries....Au Revoir!!


Friday, June 04, 2010

I am travelling.... thing I have loved since forever! And I am travelling now...but this time it's with a purpose!

I left Sambalpur on 29th. Went to Bhubaneswar and on 30th, I had my first ever air travel. Loved it. My flight to Delhi, and that too alone! I got my marksheets and stuff from my school on 1st and then had a really special, memorable and enjoyable time that day with my friend Amrit and some of my juniors from the hostel. On 2nd, I took a flight to Pune to appear for my Studio Test at Symbiosis Institute of Design and my clay model of an umbrella got me through to the Interview. Had the interview on 3rd and am now waiting for the result to be declared on 7th!

I took a bus to Aurangabad to my Mausi's place on 3rd evening. The thing to be mentioned here is that I travelled in a sleeper coach in a bus!! Just like an AC 2-tier train coach! Had never imagined something like this! With just a bathroom now, it would have been as good as a train!

At the moment I am at my Mausi's...taking rest..the past 4-5 days were really hectic with loads of travelling.

I will soon be putting up a detailed entry about how I made the portfolio for my interview and my first flight. Till then...Adios!

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