I am travelling....

Travelling....one thing I have loved since forever! And I am travelling now...but this time it's with a purpose!

I left Sambalpur on 29th. Went to Bhubaneswar and on 30th, I had my first ever air travel. Loved it. My flight to Delhi, and that too alone! I got my marksheets and stuff from my school on 1st and then had a really special, memorable and enjoyable time that day with my friend Amrit and some of my juniors from the hostel. On 2nd, I took a flight to Pune to appear for my Studio Test at Symbiosis Institute of Design and my clay model of an umbrella got me through to the Interview. Had the interview on 3rd and am now waiting for the result to be declared on 7th!

I took a bus to Aurangabad to my Mausi's place on 3rd evening. The thing to be mentioned here is that I travelled in a sleeper coach in a bus!! Just like an AC 2-tier train coach! Had never imagined something like this! With just a bathroom now, it would have been as good as a train!

At the moment I am at my Mausi's...taking rest..the past 4-5 days were really hectic with loads of travelling.

I will soon be putting up a detailed entry about how I made the portfolio for my interview and my first flight. Till then...Adios!