Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Taking this ‘weird’ first step into my Master’s

On 23rd July, I went to Jamia to complete the admission formalities there. While going around the campus, a funny thought occurred to me and I told my sister, “Yahaan itna ghumna pad raha hai ek kaam karne ke liye, MBICEM mein to ek hi room me baithe sab kuch ho jata tha” (One has to walk so much around the campus to get work done here; at MBICEM everything could be done inside a single room).

A college with a huge campus- that’s what everyone wants to have once they are done with the 12th boards. When I entered MBICEM, I was in a college but not a campus anywhere close to ‘huge’. Over the three years that I have spent there, I have fallen in love with the MBICEM building- ‘the’ campus. Small, yes. And that’s the best part of it. I already miss it and although college officially ended almost 2 months back, I have frequented my visits there simply because I love to spend time in that building with the people there.

In just a few hours I would be entering a whole new college. I guess I should call it ‘university’. I am a Master’s student now and I would be entering one of the best Mass Communication institutions of India. It is a weird feeling. Frankly speaking, I don’t want college to start now.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Because Hirakud, the World’s Longest Dam, seeks a little attention

After over two weeks of trying to convince my mother that I could drive on a hill, this weekend I drove to Hirakud Dam. I have been here innumerable times during my school days and frankly speaking, there is nothing I don’t remember about it. This time since I came home, I had this urge to drive to the Hirakud Dam and climb up the Jawahar Minar and click a few photographs of the longest man-made dam in the world.

A panoramic shot of the Dam Memorial on the left and the Hirakud Dam on the right. Photo: Nokia Lumia 510- 13.07.13
We left home in the afternoon. My mom was certainly not confident of my driving. Every time I turned my head to look out of the car’s window and talked about monkeys around, she reminded me to blow the horn and concentrate on the road straight ahead with its many sharp turns. Even after a lot of resistance from my mom, I drove the car straight uphill to the Jawahar Minar, at one end of the Dam, and the one I have always visited.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The ‘VIP’ Experience at NIHFW & EU Workshop

Recently I participated in a workshop conducted by the National Institute of Health and Family Welfare (NIHFW) in collaboration with the European Union (EU). It was a pre-testing workshop for a new Post Graduate course that the institute plans to start in the coming months. I have participated in various workshops previously but I knew it from the beginning that this was going to be something different- a new experience. Although I had no clue exactly what ‘pre-testing workshop’ meant, I understood this much- we are going to be dignitaries in this workshop and that’s reason enough to be part of it! I was already imagining myself in a post-conference dignitary group photo that I had seen so many times with other people including my father and grandfather.

The NIHFW Campus at New Delhi; Photo Credit: Me (Nokia Lumia 510)
Five of my friends and I reached the venue on the designated date and time. The workshop began. I am not sure what details of the workshop I can/should reveal and so I would limit this post to some incredible moments and experiences my friends and I shared during the four days.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

The Extraordinary About Dan Brown's World

“Why does this story seem to be pacing so slow?” my sister enquired gazing up from her book.
“Haha…that’s because all of Dan Brown’s novels are set within a timeframe of less than 24 hours!” I said.
“So is this something like One Night @ the Call Centre?”

I laughed at her ignorance and welcomed her to the world of Dan Brown. She had just started reading The Lost Symbol, her first Dan Brown novel.
Dan Brown with his latest book Inferno. Source: Google Image Search
I remember reading my first Dan Brown book some 5 years back- The Da Vinci Code. I was on page 182 where Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveau are in a cab and going through a park (if I remember correctly) when I had switched on the TV and had accidentally landed on the channel where the movie based on the book was just starting. The book was shut and I saw the film, not bothering to open the book for many months after that. It was Angels and Demons that was the first Dan Brown book that I read completely, sometime in my 12th.
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