Taking this ‘weird’ first step into my Master’s

On 23rd July, I went to Jamia to complete the admission formalities there. While going around the campus, a funny thought occurred to me and I told my sister, “Yahaan itna ghumna pad raha hai ek kaam karne ke liye, MBICEM mein to ek hi room me baithe sab kuch ho jata tha” (One has to walk so much around the campus to get work done here; at MBICEM everything could be done inside a single room).

A college with a huge campus- that’s what everyone wants to have once they are done with the 12th boards. When I entered MBICEM, I was in a college but not a campus anywhere close to ‘huge’. Over the three years that I have spent there, I have fallen in love with the MBICEM building- ‘the’ campus. Small, yes. And that’s the best part of it. I already miss it and although college officially ended almost 2 months back, I have frequented my visits there simply because I love to spend time in that building with the people there.

In just a few hours I would be entering a whole new college. I guess I should call it ‘university’. I am a Master’s student now and I would be entering one of the best Mass Communication institutions of India. It is a weird feeling. Frankly speaking, I don’t want college to start now.

I have not yet been able to make up my mind to go for ‘college’ and not to ‘MBICEM’. It is weird. I have no idea what to expect there. Not once has the thought crossed my mind how it would be to sit in a Post-Grad classroom of a professional course. I read somewhere that at MCRC one doesn’t get offs on weekends. A senior of mine from MBICEM and a MCRC alumnus confirmed this. Well, WTF? No holidays?? Why? And how do students survive with 7 days a week classes? Anyways, what is the course structure? How does one appear for theory papers in an animation course? Probably tomorrow’s orientation would clear the air over some of the questions that I have in my mind.

In April when First Frame ended and filling of application forms started for admissions into Master’s courses, I had made up my mind. Whenever somebody would ask me my future plans, I would simply say, “I want to move out of Delhi. I am exhausted here. A new place is what I want to see.” In the back of my head, I knew what this ‘new place’ I wanted was. That has been my dream for 7 years, starting September 6, 2006, when I first got to know about it and that was the reason I joined a media course 3 years back. I didn’t want to go anywhere else. I had prepared myself for it. And then the day after I got my admission formalities completed at Jamia with the complete hope that within a few days I would be withdrawing it because I would be going to my dream institute, the results of FTII were declared. And my fate was sealed.

‘Are you sad?’ my sister asked me that night. I didn’t answer. How does it feel when a 7 year old dream suddenly vaporizes or say, delays itself by at least another two years?

After all the entrance exams were over in May, I was having a conversation with my father regarding my post-grad. I told him- ‘As per all the entrances I have appeared for, there are a total of just 16 seats in the entire country in which I can get into’. I knew getting into one of these 10+6 seats wasn’t going to be anything easy. I am sad that FTII has not materialized. But I am proud that my work and skills did get me into one of the 10 seats at Jamia! And if I come to think of it, why the hell should I be sad? I am entering an institute which has produced some of the most notable media persons of this country- Barkha Dutt, Kabir Khan, Kiran Rao, Roshan Abbas and of course, Shahrukh Khan!

It is going to take me sometime to accept this reality. Yeah, I am joining AJK Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia. A course- M.A. in Visual Effects and Animation- that would give me a Master’s degree in 2 years and would make me among the first Indians to have acquired this degree (As per my knowledge, no other Indian University at present offers this Master’s course!) A course, the content of which, 8 years ago had generated interest in me for filmmaking: The ‘magic’ of Harry Potter had actually generated the curiosity for creating the ‘magic’ myself- yeah, literally!

These confused ramblings. I have no clue what sense all this is making to you. This is how confused and uneasy I have been for the past week. A little disheartened, but yeah, trying to accept this. 5 years ago, when I didn’t get that seat at DPS RK Puram, my dream school, by just 0.1% marks, I had cried. I hadn’t realized it then that two years later, after studying at DPS Vasant Kunj and being a hosteller, my life would be something completely different, unimaginable. Something which wouldn’t have probably happened at RKP. That’s what is probably happening again. I had entered DPS VK with complete uncertainty then; I shall be entering Jamia with a similar thought. The only difference? Science couldn’t fascinate me. Visual Effects amazes me. It remains to be seen how things turn out to be after two years. It’s not always about the choices we make, sometimes relying on chances and letting things happen the way they do, is the best judge of life.

Yesterday when my final semester results were declared, I was reminded of the accidental brush I had with 'IP University' on April 20, 2010, thanks to a recommendation by Sangeeta Maam, my Computer Science teacher at DPS Vasant Kunj.  The last minute application for the CET and qualifying the test with a surprising 23rd rank resulted in me entering MBICEM for what were to be the most unexpected, unplanned and unforgettable 3 years of my education, work and personal lives. I am proud to be a BJ(MC) Graduate. 

When I actually come to think of it (in the philosophical sense!), am I seriously doing a Master’s course? Am I that grown already? Weren’t Master’s courses done by ‘big bhaiyas and didis’? Hahaha…it’s so weird! Wishing myself luck as I take this ‘weird’ first step into my Master’s! :D


  1. I wish you all the best Antarik. I know everything is going to turn out great in the end for you. :)

  2. Great post! One of the interesting things that I read is definitely your blog :P They are so connecting and nice! Anyways here you start with your Masters, Congratulations! Jamia is nice place to be, So good luck :)

    1. Hahaha...good to hear that :)
      And thanks for the wishes Shivam :)

  3. Do you know why life is so mysterious? Because it springs surprises. There is also another saying "Man proposes God disposes". All this only means that nature has its own way of dealing with things.Every human being comes to this world with a specific purpose assigned to him/her. Nature in its own way paves the path for the individual to achieve the goal he is assigned with. The ultimate goal of nature is to carry forward this creation and every one has to contribute for this goal. We do not know what contribution is expected from us. That's why we plan things in our own way without understanding the inevitable.If our plan coincides with the nature's plan we feel that we are achieving our own goals and feel proud about ourselves. If our goals contradict that of the Nature we fail in our efforts but we find ourselves in a different field of activity. That is why the person who accepts life's assignments remains happy throughout. And who does not accept life as it comes is never satisfied in life.
    So don't worry. Things will take their own shape at the right time. Success is enjoying every moment of life as it comes.


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