Saturday, November 22, 2014

Life before Birth- When I was in the Army

It rarely happens that I start a blog post with the title already decided. ‘Life before Birth’- I thought this is a good title to begin with, against the usual- ‘life after death’ epithet- although how much it justifies this post I wouldn’t know until I finish it over the next few minutes.

Hold on, this is NOT about the philosophical theory of life and death and rebirth nor is it about the Egyptian belief or anything like that. Although yeah, some parts of this might actually be signifying something in those orders. I am sure you are going to enjoy the humour of this because this is simply about a 'dream'.

When I was young, I used to have a dream a lot many times. One dream, numerous nights. And I remember it distinctly till date: it was a battle scene. There was a war going on. There were bunkers made on the border (just like in the film Border, one of my most favourite films till date) and the enemy was taking over. A group of armed soldiers kept running and shooting. I am watching it all from a third-person perspective. Suddenly I am on top of a huge wall, probably a high bunker. The story is now unfolding in a first-person narrative. This is when I realise that I am a small kid and I am scared and crying. The enemy reaches near me and point their guns towards me. I wake up.

Yeah, that’s it.

Monday, November 10, 2014

What 'Interstellar' forced my mind to think

This post got featured in the Tangy Tuesday Picks on Blogadda.

Note: Written in the minutes following my return home from watching Interstellar. Long chain of thoughts rendering a sleepless night. Alas, the movie leaves you blank and forces you to think and rethink what you just saw. But no, this is not about Interstellar. If you haven’t seen it yet, no spoilers here, I promise. (But why haven’t you gone and seen the film yet?)
Screen grab from the 1984 commercial by Apple Inc.

While watching a film like this you actually have the 'I am a tiny speckle in the larger scheme of things' feeling. These larger scheme of things- are they not something so omnipotent yet so cruel, something so amazing yet so powerful?

I mean, come to think of the 'what ifs' and their consequences around us in the world we live. What if all of it, everything around us, it's pre-planned, pre-destined or, even better, being looked over by someone? What if the running around for a job, having a happy family, a nice home, all of it- is not significant at all? What if the 'they' kind of reference (from Interstellar) actually exists? What if there is someone out there, looking over all of it? Yeah, we have ‘God’ and are 'mere players who have to play our parts and leave', but then, come to think of it- how amazing and funny the entire drama would be to that ‘God’?
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