What 'Interstellar' forced my mind to think

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Note: Written in the minutes following my return home from watching Interstellar. Long chain of thoughts rendering a sleepless night. Alas, the movie leaves you blank and forces you to think and rethink what you just saw. But no, this is not about Interstellar. If you haven’t seen it yet, no spoilers here, I promise. (But why haven’t you gone and seen the film yet?)
Screen grab from the 1984 commercial by Apple Inc.

While watching a film like this you actually have the 'I am a tiny speckle in the larger scheme of things' feeling. These larger scheme of things- are they not something so omnipotent yet so cruel, something so amazing yet so powerful?

I mean, come to think of the 'what ifs' and their consequences around us in the world we live. What if all of it, everything around us, it's pre-planned, pre-destined or, even better, being looked over by someone? What if the running around for a job, having a happy family, a nice home, all of it- is not significant at all? What if the 'they' kind of reference (from Interstellar) actually exists? What if there is someone out there, looking over all of it? Yeah, we have ‘God’ and are 'mere players who have to play our parts and leave', but then, come to think of it- how amazing and funny the entire drama would be to that ‘God’?

Closer home, in physical reality, let’s take a look into politics - what if all of it is planned? BJP winning, Congress losing in the 2014 General Elections? What if that was planned by both the parties together for mutual benefit? What if all the twists and turns and protests and dharnas and everything are pre-planned and just implemented at the right time to influence the public? In fact, what if there is someone, somebody, some organisation, secretly somewhere in the world, who is plotting it all? On the direction of whom, every person of influence is going about doing their jobs the way they are doing it, without being aware of the controller’s presence?

We have an impending catastrophe coming in the form of 'climate change'. What if there actually are secret organizations which are building an escape plan, for the elite and the powerful, just as it was in the movie 2012We know for a fact that our emails, posts on social networking sites, our browsing of the internet- all of it is being monitored. What if our government is actually working on something bigger, much grander, which we can never think is possible for them? What if the black money, corruption and all the political drama is a cover up for the actual big and huger secret deal that's inside? Things that we are not told? Things that we are not supposed to know because we are not in the position of power?

Will we ever get to know? The faces of these secret and super powerful people or organisations, if they exist, wouldn't it be super amazing to simply watch them from a level above and applaud the brilliance with which they have got all things going on?

Just to know that some of the beings of our own specie are so much more advanced and powerful than us; wouldn't that be a landmark discovery? What if they suddenly decide to come out in the open? Wouldn't the face of the world change completely? The politics, the climate change, the search for life on other planets- wouldn't all of that become secondary?

It would just be so incredibly amazing!

Sure, my theory suggests we are not equal although we are in a democracy. We do not enjoy powers although we might claim we do. We are mere puppets in the hands of the political puppets who in turn are run by the hugely secret and unknown to all and don't-know-how but very powerful individuals and organisations.

But then, that's not how we know our world. That’s not how we want to see it. But just for a moment think about it- what if Apple's 1984 ad and the 1984 novel by George Orwell were suggesting and hinting at the existence of a real big brother? One with all kinds of power?

Think about it.

12:40 AM Sat-Sun, 8-9 November 2014


  1. Woww... Amazing... Suggest it as the next Christopher Nolan's Plot...

    For along time, I believed its truth and consequences!!!


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