Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I am Lost!

Another month and I would be done with my course. End of the two year Masters degree. Obviously, the question on each and every person’s mind whenever they meet me these days is: “What’s next?” I don’t know if it is the most obvious question or the easiest question to ask. Whatever the case might be, (it doesn’t matter actually) it sure is the most difficult question to answer for me these days.

Whether it was the college magazine we made in straight 20 days in 2012 or the revival of the 'impossible' First Frame international film festival in 2013, I knew and was repeatedly told that I am great at managing work and working under the tightest deadlines.

At the end of a college event few days back, which was effectively done in less than a week and was able to garner coverage in the local newspapers, a faculty of mine told me, “There is something about you that makes people listen to you. People want to work when you ask them to.” And frankly, I was surprised. Nobody had ever told me anything like this before. I just had a smile on my face and was wondering, This man has known me hardly since a few weeks and has absolutely no clue of the work I have done previously. How did he judge me so well so soon?
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