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Why partner with On Second thoughts?

I believe in telling stories. Whenever I set out on a journey, I aim to go at least a little off the beaten track in addition to everything touristy. This helps in bringing out the real soul of a place. With every story I aim to provide an honest view with my opinion attached to it and usually try to bring out what usual tourists and newsmakers wouldn’t.

I am often told ‘Your writing makes us feel we experienced the thing first-hand’. Good stories, after all, can transpire you to places across the globe while you are still sitting behind your laptop at home. All I aspire to do is inspire people to leave that desk and live their travel dreams.


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Domain Authority: 20
Page Authority: 31
Alexa Rank (Worldwide): 1,960,349
Alexa Rank (India): 164,256
(Note: The above are dynamic numbers and keep changing. Right now they reflect the instance they were noted down)

Average Monthly views: 8000+
Monthly Unique Visitors: 1200+
Major traffic: India

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Facebook friends + followers: 1300+
Facebook page 'likes': 800+
Twitter followers: 1800+
Instagram followers: 1200+

Subscriber count: 9,200+
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How can we work together?

As a blogger, I intend to work with tourism boards, travel brands, hotel properties and other relevant organisations by showcasing the experience of the destination, accommodation, brand or product in the most reader-friendly way on the blog. Adding to it, I can enhance the experience for my followers with pre, post and live social media updates.
I can also work as an influencer for Social Media Campaigns and Contests in the travel genre. Perhaps an Instagram takeover for a day for the brand?

I am also open to sponsored posts on the blog provided they are travel related.

If you have an idea and would like an opportunity to be explored, please get in touch with the details so we can take it forward. Please email me at


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