Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Award Winning Entry- "Thoughtful Thirst for Words"

Update: This entry was written as part of a competition organized at my college on the occassion of World Bloggers' Day. I am proud to announce that this entry won me and my blog, the Best Blogger Award. The much awaited recognition has finally been received by my blog!

It’s been almost 10 days now since the time I came to know about the bloggers day and almost a week since the time I became a part of the OC (Yes, it is the Organizing Committee of the Bloggers' day!) As a result of this, I have had ample of time to think about a topic on which I shall write my bloggers’ day entry. And thanks to all this, I am still unsure about what I am writing about! And I am serious when I say this!!
Over the past week I have taken suggestions from quite many people for a topic I can write about, and have got a huge variety of response from them. Someone said that I could write about any of the recent political issues like the MPs salary hike or the Nuclear Liability Bill. Others said that I could write about my recent experience in my maiden visit to the NDTV studios or more broadly, my experience of college life at MBICEM. But my point of view differed. About the first one above, I thought everyone knows about it and those who don’t, can always find all info in newspapers, magazines and of course, the internet. So what is the use of writing something which already exists elsewhere? And this is my blog and I want readers, so why should I write about a topic which I am sure that people who follow my blog won’t be interested in reading!! Anyways, even if I write about one of these ‘factual’ topics, half of my data would be directly/indirectly and intentionally/unintentionally copied from/sourced to some other place! So where is my originality? Now, about writing my experiences, I thought that it wasn’t a bad idea but wasn’t good enough either! Many others would be doing the same thing as well and I myself have written about that before!! So I dropped even this idea.
In a thoughtful thirst for words, I was walking down the lanes of Madangir last evening and observing this ‘urban village’ amazed my senses! Although it is located in the heart of the country capital, but still life here is a lot different from elsewhere in the city. The mess of the Commonwealth Games, that has our country’s reputation at stake, has not been able to affect this place. Observing the many roadside vendors, the ‘sabzi mandi’ and families living in one-room houses, I finally thought, ‘Now I have a topic to write about on my blog’. But on second thoughts, I thought, probably I don’t know enough about this topic at the moment. Some more case studies and experiences would lead to a much better entry, probably at some time in the future!
I went to bed around midnight but was somehow sleep-deprived till the early morning hours today. Probably it was because of the tension of what I shall finally write or more likely, it was because of the excitement of organizing the whole competition!
It’s the D-day now. The day has been really hectic. But I am sure that had we not faced the problem of the internet not working this morning, the day wouldn’t have been that exciting and memorable as it has become now. Now I am already writing this entry. And although I am blogging since the last two years and three months, I am still very bad at ‘Topic-based writing’ (which you have probably guessed by now). It is for the first time today that I am writing for a cause: a competition, otherwise, it has already been only for fun. And I have written this entry in a record time of just 40 minutes, my fastest ever! And now, after writing all this, I am thinking that not having a topic to write about is not a bad topic after all!! Hehe…
Hope you had a wonderful time in reading this. I am awaiting your views and comments. And yes, I forgot: Wish you a very Happy Bloggers’ Day! Enjoy!! :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Media Calling- Week 1 @ MBICEM

Surely one of the most exciting weeks I have ever lived! Finally after a 2 month long wait and a 2 week delay, my college life kicked off on 16 August 2010, with a  four and a half hour long orientation programme- interesting but tiring! The day after that, my classes started. For my 1st semester, my BJMC course has 4 theory papers: 1) Writing for Media, 2) Social, Economic and Political Scenario, 3) Introduction to Communication and 4) Basics of Design and Graphics. And 3 practical papers: 1) Computer Lab, 2)Communication Lab and 3) Design and Graphics Lab. I am actually looking forward to the practicals!! The theory classes are not at all boring. With the best faculty and each and every lecture being supplemented with PowerPoint Presentations, I am loving it all! At least, as of now, I have not found myself dull in any of the classes, least of all in Political Science!

I have now become an active member of the cyber club of my college and we are going to organise our first event on 31st August, as World Bloggers' Day! Should be a nice experience to participate as well as organise! The Film Club has not yet had a meeting, and I am looking forward to it the most right now!

Unavailability of a room in the place I earlier intended to stay, led me to meet a third year student of my college: Himanshu Dubey. Sharing a room with him, a senior, should be an enriching and nice experience! And thanks to him, I got a chance to appear in NDTV 24x7, on the show 'Left, Right & Centre", my first appearance on national TV. Being a student of a media institute, and being able to see yourself on TV in the very first week of college, surely that's not an opportunity everyone gets! As expected, I told about my appearance to everyone I possibly knew and some of them actually didn't believe that I was saying the truth until they finally saw me on TV!! Haha.... The studio experience was really unexpected and awesome!! Anirudh, my friend at college, aptly said, "The only reality about the reality shows is that everything is real except the reality!!" Hahahaha....!!

P.S.: This is the first ever entry that I am making from the Computer Lab of my College, at a time when I am supposed to be working on my assignments!! :D Shikha maam- Sorry if you are reading this! I am sure you won't mind! ;)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Contrasting Classroom Chaos

Twelve years at DAV Public School, Burla, Sambalpur and then just two years at Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi were enough for me to decipher the contrasting classroom scenarios that prevail at the two places. Instead of explaining things, I guess it would be much better if you have a look at some of these contrasts:

NOTE: The sole intention of this is humour and fun alone. None of the expressions mentioned below are meant to hurt anyone from either Delhi or Sambalpur or anywhere! Just Enjoy it guys...:)

Students (about assembly):
Sambalpur (SBP)- "Yaar rozz subah assembly mein prayer karna padta hai"
Delhi (DEL)- "Yahaan assembly hi rarely hoti hai!"

Students (again about assembly)
SBP: "Aaj hum assembly attend nahi kar paye kyunki humara extra class tha"
DEL: "Aaj assembly hai? Wow! Mast hai, pehle ke 2-3 period toh barbad honge! Badhiya hai"

Dialogue in conversation amongst two friends
SBP- "Oh no, recess ke baad ka bell bajne ka already 10 minutes ho chuka hai. Ab pakka punishment milega. Chal jaldi class mein."
DEL- "Shit yaar, break khattam hone ka already 10 minutes ho chuka hai. Chhod class me jaate hi nahi hain abhi. Next period me jayenge. Teacher ko pata bhi nahi chalega"

Teacher (on seeing around 25% of the class strength absent)
SBP- "What is this? Why are so many absent today?"
DEL- "Wow! Is there something special today? You have some practical? How come so many of you are present today?"

Students (before the class of a boring teacher):
DEL- "Yaar ye teacher bahut bore karti hai. Main toh PE field ja raha hun. Agar wo puche toh bol dena ki main absent hun"
SBP- "Abhi ek aur period apne aap ko control karna padega from falling asleep!"

Teacher asks a question and a student answers. Teachers reaction:
(Student doesn't stand to answer)
"Don't you know that you should stand up when you are answering? Is this something that I need to tell you?"
(Student answers incorrectly and sits down before the teacher asks him to)
"Did I ask you to sit down? Apne aap hi baith gaye?"
(Student stands up to answer)
"No dear, there is no need to stand. You can seat and answer"
(If student is standing after answering awaiting the teachers permission to sit down)
"Sit down dear. There is no need to wait for my permission"

Student (about bunking)
DEL- "I am going to the internet lab. Chemistry period bahut boring hota hai"
SBP- "Bunk karega? Paagal hai kya? Kisiko pata chal gaya toh?"

Student (after remaining absent from class for a day):
SBP- "Yaar kal kya padhaya gaya tha?"
DEL- "Ek din hi toh absent tha, kya phark padta hai? Aaj bhi nahi aata toh achcha hota. Medical ceritificate toh paise de kar banaa hi sakta hun na!"

Teacher (on seeing some student who was absent the previous day)
SBP- "Why were you absent yesterday dear?"
DEL- Teacher doesn't notice!

Student (about homework):
SBP- "Mera homework complete nahi hua, aaj phir daant padegi class mein!"
DEL- "Homework? We haven't done that since ages!"

Teacher (about homework):
SBP- "Atleast the students will study something, thanks to the homework we give them everyday"
DEL- "We prefer not to give any homework. 2 reasons: One, the students are never going to complete that! Two, the immense workload they get at their coaching centers is enough. We shouldn't increase that! We know they can do well without homework from school. homework would just increase their burden!"

Students (if caught doing something wrong):
SBP- "Aaj toh gaye! Pakka punishment milegi. And agar ghar pe pata chal gaya toh?"
DEL- "Fuck man! Again a long round of lectures! Teachers and then parents! Whatever! Who cares? Just get all this done soon!"

And yes, this one's the best:
Boys (on seeing some very good looking lady teacher)
DEL- "Mast hai yaar. Ise toh modeling karni chahiye. Yahaan kya kar rahi hai? And agar teacher hi hai, toh ye kaunse lucky class ko padhati hai??"
SBP- Ye sab buri baatein hain. hum nahi sochte...!

Well, I must say one thing here. When I joined DPS, I found these things really weird. From a completely disciplined school environment to a carefree environment, the change was un-ignorable (I don't know if that word exists)! Some things were welcome but many things surely took me time to adjust. But at the end, I was sure about one thing: the way masti is defined at the two places is seriously contrasting!

I don't think we can say that what happens in Delhi is not correct or that students in Sambalpur are the very goody-goody ones. These are the changing trends! And somewhere I do feel that in about another 10 years or even less than that, the present Delhi environment would prevail in Sambalpur as well and nobody would notice the fact that there has been so much change already! And then, we don't know where would Delhi have already reached by then!

I hope you had a nice time reading this guys. Do let me know what you feel about this contrast. Is what happens at SBP or DEL, similar to what happens in your place? Or there is a third version as well?? Do share your ideas and let me know. ;)

Monday, August 02, 2010

THEN and NOW- The Contrast..

History doesn't always repeats itself....

The year is 2008. Month is May- I have appeared for my 10th boards and am expecting a good result. Not many good friends to talk to. Do not like telephonic conversations. Situation is not good at home. I am not with my parents. My results get declared. I get my expected 94.2%. No tension for admissions. I am sure to get admission at my dream school: DPS RK Puram. But I stay behind by just 0.1% in the cut-off list. June- I start blogging with no readers. July-I get admission at DPS Vasant Kunj, although I never imagined I would go there. I join the school hostel as well. My uncle helps me in all admission formalities. The 3 month holiday (April-June) seems to have passed so soon. My blog has boring entries which no one seems interested in reading but still there are a few who read every bit of nonsense written by me.

The year is 2010. Month is March- I have appeared for my 12th boards and am not at all expecting a good result, having appeared for the exams in a completely unserious manner. I leave the hostel which has become heaven over the last two years. May- Miss my bestest friends of life a lot. Telephonic conversation with them almost everyday since leaving hostel. My parents are with me all the time. Results declared. Loads of admission tensions. Appear for many entrances in a variety of subjects...design, media, architecture and literature...and I get selected in each one of them! June- Blog completes 2 years. Loads of regular visitors. July- I finally get admssion at MBICEM, Delhi for Mass Communication. My father helps in completion of all admission formalities. The already 4 month long holiday seems to be extending on and on. My blog still has boring entries (like this one) which (even now) no one seems interested in reading but still there are a few (just like your highness) who read every bit of nonsense written by me!! Some things never change you see!!

...but most of the time it does!!
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