Award Winning Entry- "Thoughtful Thirst for Words"

Update: This entry was written as part of a competition organized at my college on the occassion of World Bloggers' Day. I am proud to announce that this entry won me and my blog, the Best Blogger Award. The much awaited recognition has finally been received by my blog!

It’s been almost 10 days now since the time I came to know about the bloggers day and almost a week since the time I became a part of the OC (Yes, it is the Organizing Committee of the Bloggers' day!) As a result of this, I have had ample of time to think about a topic on which I shall write my bloggers’ day entry. And thanks to all this, I am still unsure about what I am writing about! And I am serious when I say this!!
Over the past week I have taken suggestions from quite many people for a topic I can write about, and have got a huge variety of response from them. Someone said that I could write about any of the recent political issues like the MPs salary hike or the Nuclear Liability Bill. Others said that I could write about my recent experience in my maiden visit to the NDTV studios or more broadly, my experience of college life at MBICEM. But my point of view differed. About the first one above, I thought everyone knows about it and those who don’t, can always find all info in newspapers, magazines and of course, the internet. So what is the use of writing something which already exists elsewhere? And this is my blog and I want readers, so why should I write about a topic which I am sure that people who follow my blog won’t be interested in reading!! Anyways, even if I write about one of these ‘factual’ topics, half of my data would be directly/indirectly and intentionally/unintentionally copied from/sourced to some other place! So where is my originality? Now, about writing my experiences, I thought that it wasn’t a bad idea but wasn’t good enough either! Many others would be doing the same thing as well and I myself have written about that before!! So I dropped even this idea.
In a thoughtful thirst for words, I was walking down the lanes of Madangir last evening and observing this ‘urban village’ amazed my senses! Although it is located in the heart of the country capital, but still life here is a lot different from elsewhere in the city. The mess of the Commonwealth Games, that has our country’s reputation at stake, has not been able to affect this place. Observing the many roadside vendors, the ‘sabzi mandi’ and families living in one-room houses, I finally thought, ‘Now I have a topic to write about on my blog’. But on second thoughts, I thought, probably I don’t know enough about this topic at the moment. Some more case studies and experiences would lead to a much better entry, probably at some time in the future!
I went to bed around midnight but was somehow sleep-deprived till the early morning hours today. Probably it was because of the tension of what I shall finally write or more likely, it was because of the excitement of organizing the whole competition!
It’s the D-day now. The day has been really hectic. But I am sure that had we not faced the problem of the internet not working this morning, the day wouldn’t have been that exciting and memorable as it has become now. Now I am already writing this entry. And although I am blogging since the last two years and three months, I am still very bad at ‘Topic-based writing’ (which you have probably guessed by now). It is for the first time today that I am writing for a cause: a competition, otherwise, it has already been only for fun. And I have written this entry in a record time of just 40 minutes, my fastest ever! And now, after writing all this, I am thinking that not having a topic to write about is not a bad topic after all!! Hehe…
Hope you had a wonderful time in reading this. I am awaiting your views and comments. And yes, I forgot: Wish you a very Happy Bloggers’ Day! Enjoy!! :)


  1. This is probably the first time I am the first ever commentator of you entry. It impressed me because it had no topic. I know how difficult it is to give a lecture on "Lecture Delivery". Similarly it needs a lot of introspection to write on finding a topic for writing. You are improving. Try contributing articles to papers/magazines now. You may start with reacting to published articles in shape of letter to the editor.
    Happy blogging.

  2. keep righting without a topic coz i find it more interesting dan those with a topic nd sumtyms a feel that they r very very boring....juz keep riting for fun...waiting for the next article....but from where do u get such topics???? Thoughtful Thirst for Words????
    Its a nice 1 waise....
    now i feel u r rele gud at dis also...
    Keep blogging...:) :D

  3. Haha...always writing without a topic can get boring!! And abt the title, bas aa jata hai dimaag mein!! Hehehe.....

  4. thanx for directing me to this entry!!:D
    was worth always:)

  5. congrats and yes topic can at times limit ur thought process :D

  6. Congratulations :) rock on !

  7. Congratulations, Antarik. Your winning the best blogger award with this post is indeed truly instructional!

  8. @factsandnonsense- Yea, many times. Thanks :)
    @Deepak- Thankyou :)
    @Saru- Thankyou. I am glad you like the writing :)
    @Subhorup- Thanks. I consider this one of my best posts till date. :)
    Thank you everyone for the read :)

  9. This is such a great way of archiving your memories. These comments whip up such lip smacking nostalghia ki sabzi.


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