Media Calling- Week 1 @ MBICEM

Surely one of the most exciting weeks I have ever lived! Finally after a 2 month long wait and a 2 week delay, my college life kicked off on 16 August 2010, with a  four and a half hour long orientation programme- interesting but tiring! The day after that, my classes started. For my 1st semester, my BJMC course has 4 theory papers: 1) Writing for Media, 2) Social, Economic and Political Scenario, 3) Introduction to Communication and 4) Basics of Design and Graphics. And 3 practical papers: 1) Computer Lab, 2)Communication Lab and 3) Design and Graphics Lab. I am actually looking forward to the practicals!! The theory classes are not at all boring. With the best faculty and each and every lecture being supplemented with PowerPoint Presentations, I am loving it all! At least, as of now, I have not found myself dull in any of the classes, least of all in Political Science!

I have now become an active member of the cyber club of my college and we are going to organise our first event on 31st August, as World Bloggers' Day! Should be a nice experience to participate as well as organise! The Film Club has not yet had a meeting, and I am looking forward to it the most right now!

Unavailability of a room in the place I earlier intended to stay, led me to meet a third year student of my college: Himanshu Dubey. Sharing a room with him, a senior, should be an enriching and nice experience! And thanks to him, I got a chance to appear in NDTV 24x7, on the show 'Left, Right & Centre", my first appearance on national TV. Being a student of a media institute, and being able to see yourself on TV in the very first week of college, surely that's not an opportunity everyone gets! As expected, I told about my appearance to everyone I possibly knew and some of them actually didn't believe that I was saying the truth until they finally saw me on TV!! Haha.... The studio experience was really unexpected and awesome!! Anirudh, my friend at college, aptly said, "The only reality about the reality shows is that everything is real except the reality!!" Hahahaha....!!

P.S.: This is the first ever entry that I am making from the Computer Lab of my College, at a time when I am supposed to be working on my assignments!! :D Shikha maam- Sorry if you are reading this! I am sure you won't mind! ;)


  1. Hey, u'r life seems so interesting atleast not like ours outloaded by heaps of raggings(not so serious) . Really, u r fortunate to reflect ur image on a national tv. We xpect more from u as u r studying mass communication.Sorry, I just couldn't watch out the programme that day as my classes were going on........ Have a great time..........

  2. wow!!!!it really seems a lot interesting!!!!!!n ur writing style is simply marvellous!!!!!!seriously!!!!!

  3. Morning shows the day. If this adage is to be believed I think you are going to have more exciting days ahead. Keep up the spirit and never let the enthusiasm go down.
    Nice blogging.


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