Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ek Din Achanak...

It is 2 hours past midnight, on the 14th of October 2010, while I wake up to write this 'untimely' entry…

Just 15-20 minutes back I switched off my computer and went to bed. I was just lying down and going through my phone’s message inbox, deleting the many chat messages and other rubbish forwarded ones. I kept my phone on the ‘Do not disturb’ mode and prepared to sleep. The day’s events crossed my mind. Waking up-finishing chores-starting with my college assignments-facebook-shopping in the evening-work after dinner-facebook again-and then sleep. Somehow I felt there was something missing…

I tried to rewind my past few weeks at college and my social life. I had been chosen as the Best Blogger-had delivered Chatur’s Speech from 3 Idiots at college on Teachers’ Day-had become an integral part of MBITEC-had attended all lectures-had loved each one of them-had got loads of assignments-had always tried to complete them on time-had made loads of new friends and some really good friends in a very short span of knowing each other-had made frequent visits to Select Citywalk and DLF Place-had enjoyed college life to the utmost-had never allowed any kind of a compromise with my studies-in short, I was doing really well in my professional as well as my personal lives. But now somehow I felt there was something missing…

I lay in bed thinking…

The past few days have been really exhaustive for me. After reaching home I got busy in completing the batch website that I was designing for my school-mates and almost every day I spent 7-8 hours in front of the computer doing just that. On 10/10/10 at 10:10 AM the site was launched and on receiving the rave reviews I felt satisfied that I had done a good job at it. Then I saw ‘4’ days of my vacation left and started with all my college work. At that time it seemed to be an easy task, but now I am craving for more time to do all the pending assignments! This was something that had never happened to me in school. I was always the teacher’s favorite and completing the work before time was my hobby! Surely there is something missing now…

I am in deep thought…

Three months back at this time I and all my friends were sitting at our homes, idle, having nothing at all to do. The long vacation that we had received after the Boards in March was no longer welcoming. We had wanted college to start as soon as possible. Long telephonic conversations and friendly chats were like our daily bread and a day with no conversation, due to any unlikely reason, meant that the next day’s talks were double dipped! (Yes, you guessed it right; it’s the new KBC terminology!)

And then our colleges started. Each one of us went in different directions…in different courses…in different colleges…in different locations…in different parts of the country…some far away and some close-by. But of course, we had promises to keep…promises of meeting as often as possible…promises of not losing touch with each other…promises of talking on every opportunity we got…promises…and promises…and promises…

But somewhere in our paths we have become very busy…really busy. So busy that we have no time for anything. Citing my own instance, I have been at home since the last 10 days but I haven’t had even a single good long conversation with my parents (because ‘I have been too busy’ with my work!!) and now it’s time for me to leave tomorrow (and I might not be meeting them for the next 7-8 months!!). I have enough balance in my cell but haven’t even once called up any of my good school friends; in fact I have ignored calls from many because ‘I have been too busy’ and not thought of giving a call-back. I have many friends and family-friends living nearby but I haven’t even once thought of paying them a visit because ‘I have been too busy’. This blog of mine, which used to have almost 4-5 good entries every month, now rarely has an update because ‘I have been too busy’. The rare new entry that comes up, has no comments, not even ‘one’ from any of my ‘eighteen’ followers because probably like me all my ‘friends have been too busy’ as well!!

There has been a big change somewhere, and I am yet to discover that. Probably if one of my dear friends reads this entry, he/she might try and address this dilemma of mine. And I really hope that this ‘dear friend’ is YOU, the one who is reading this right now! I hope ek din achanak I get your comments!

It is 3 hours past midnight now, on the 14th of October 2010, and I am now going back to sleep… 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nau baj gaye kya?

Starting mid-July, when the initial news of the new season of Kaun Banega Crorepati were doing their rounds, I was all geared up and excited as now I was already 18 years old, the minimum age required to enter the show. A decade ago, when KBC first came into picture on Indian television, it didn't take Senior Bachchan long to make it the most anticipated TV show. The 'junior KBC' that was a part of Season 1, had all kids raked up. KBC had fast become the show with the maximum TRPs.

This year, the phone lines opened from 2nd Aust and I didn't miss a single opportunity to answer the questions daily which if luck favored could lead me to the hot seat. Since I have been associated with KBC earlier (click here to see how), I was even more excited. But of course, the computers at KBC probably didn’t like my mobile number!

I went shopping with my parents yesterday with the condition that I should be back home by 9 PM. Well, I was indeed in front of the TV set at 8.59 PM! Nau baj gaye and the fourth season of KBC kicked off with an initial dramatic pre-recorded entry of Big B, which frankly speaking, I found really boring!!

The actual show began and some minor changes could be seen in the studio set-up, that included the introduction of the LCD screens in the backdrop- well, times are changing fast and so is the technology! The game began and changes in the format were visible. The viewers surely didn’t expect a prize money of less than 2 crores (as was the case in the previous edition of the show) and everyone was gaping at the fact that it was just one crore this time! The channel couldn’t have dared to take a step that would drastically reduce its TRP and so came Big B’s ‘Big Surprise’ of the jackpot prize money of Rs 5 crores! Now that is something keeping with the times again!

Another thing that had my interest kindled in this first episode was the second contestant on the hot seat- a 18 year old guy from my home state and a student of Mass Communication! He didn’t have such a good start but let’s see what happens in the show tonight!

Although this time, our association with KBC is for just 9 weeks (that means it would be over 3 days before my birthday!), Big B promises to regain the previous season’s lost glory! Had I been studying in Mumbai, probably I would have been easily able to become part of the studio-audience of the show, just as I am in the NDTV 24x7 shows…nothing is impossible, is it?

Now go and check your watches, “Nau baj gaye kya?”


Thursday, October 07, 2010


Since August 9th this year, I and a few of my  friends have been working day and night on a site for my DAV Public School, Burla, batch. After a 2 month long wait, now finally you can have a sneak-preview of the site and see how it is going to look on its launch! We are proud to announce that almost all work on the site is now done and the final launch will be on 10/10/10 at 10/10AM. Keep your fingers crossed till then....The Site's gonna ROCK!!

For the launch of the site, I used my recently earned knowledge of Adobe Pagemaker and designed a poster for promotional purposes!

Visit this link to reach the site:
Do leave your comments here about how you liked the site ad what can be done for improvement!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

U, me aur Blog!

Seriously, it's been a long time since I have written a blog entry! I know many of you have been eagerly waiting for an update here (and many of you have even complained!), but due to some reason or the other I have not been able to be as frequent in writing as I used to be some time back.

To rewind the last one month in a nutshell, I would be soon writing another entry, which you can expect to be published here within the next 72 hours (hopefully)!

For now, I can say that I haven't stopped blog writing 'completely' in the past one month! I have been making blog entries but not here, at a different location (Click here to open).

We at MBITEC- MBICEM's TEchnology Club- launched our own blog on Friday, 10th September 2010. "Creative Call"- as we call the blog, is the official learning platform for MBITEC's techno-savvy young minds to improve their literary, designing and cyber skills. Here are the links to the entries that I have made at the blog with snippets from the entries:

"Cyber Club"- What's that? Sept. 10, 2010
"After the successful maiden venture of organising the World Bloggers' Day on 31st August, the Cyber Club at MBICEM under the able guidance of Mr Srimoy Patra and Ms Shikha Kukreja is now no longer just any group. It no longer exists just by name. It has found recognition......"

Cam-ERA (illustrated)
Sept. 21, 2010
"Clicking photographs is something each and every one of us does. On ‘getting the right moment’, we feel highly blissful. Starting right from the camera obscura (an early form of camera consisting of a dark box with a tiny hole or lens in the front and a small screen inside, on which the image appears) to the ultra modern......" 

Designing- A child's best use of the canvas
Sept. 30, 2010
"The great designer Saul Bass has said, “Design is thinking made visual”. Designing is something that is found inevitably everywhere. It is something without which our eyes wouldn’t be able to gawk at the marvelous wonders of this world. Everything- starting right from this page......"

Do have a look at the above links and leave your comments there.

And about updates on this blog, you can check out the entry that made me win the Best Blogger title at my college click here, or the Chatur's Speech from 3 Idiots which I replicated in real time and real situation at my college, click here.

More updates coming really soon!
Happy Blog reading!
Take care!
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