Nau baj gaye kya?

Starting mid-July, when the initial news of the new season of Kaun Banega Crorepati were doing their rounds, I was all geared up and excited as now I was already 18 years old, the minimum age required to enter the show. A decade ago, when KBC first came into picture on Indian television, it didn't take Senior Bachchan long to make it the most anticipated TV show. The 'junior KBC' that was a part of Season 1, had all kids raked up. KBC had fast become the show with the maximum TRPs.

This year, the phone lines opened from 2nd Aust and I didn't miss a single opportunity to answer the questions daily which if luck favored could lead me to the hot seat. Since I have been associated with KBC earlier (click here to see how), I was even more excited. But of course, the computers at KBC probably didn’t like my mobile number!

I went shopping with my parents yesterday with the condition that I should be back home by 9 PM. Well, I was indeed in front of the TV set at 8.59 PM! Nau baj gaye and the fourth season of KBC kicked off with an initial dramatic pre-recorded entry of Big B, which frankly speaking, I found really boring!!

The actual show began and some minor changes could be seen in the studio set-up, that included the introduction of the LCD screens in the backdrop- well, times are changing fast and so is the technology! The game began and changes in the format were visible. The viewers surely didn’t expect a prize money of less than 2 crores (as was the case in the previous edition of the show) and everyone was gaping at the fact that it was just one crore this time! The channel couldn’t have dared to take a step that would drastically reduce its TRP and so came Big B’s ‘Big Surprise’ of the jackpot prize money of Rs 5 crores! Now that is something keeping with the times again!

Another thing that had my interest kindled in this first episode was the second contestant on the hot seat- a 18 year old guy from my home state and a student of Mass Communication! He didn’t have such a good start but let’s see what happens in the show tonight!

Although this time, our association with KBC is for just 9 weeks (that means it would be over 3 days before my birthday!), Big B promises to regain the previous season’s lost glory! Had I been studying in Mumbai, probably I would have been easily able to become part of the studio-audience of the show, just as I am in the NDTV 24x7 shows…nothing is impossible, is it?

Now go and check your watches, “Nau baj gaye kya?”


  1. ya nothing is impossible!!!
    hope u get a chance to be a part of KbC too....

  2. first of all nyc writing style...u hv the quality of grabbing ur reader's attention...
    secondly it luks dat u r very interstd in participating in the show so all the best!!!
    hope one day will see u on the hot seat...

    dharini mishra


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