U, me aur Blog!

Seriously, it's been a long time since I have written a blog entry! I know many of you have been eagerly waiting for an update here (and many of you have even complained!), but due to some reason or the other I have not been able to be as frequent in writing as I used to be some time back.

To rewind the last one month in a nutshell, I would be soon writing another entry, which you can expect to be published here within the next 72 hours (hopefully)!

For now, I can say that I haven't stopped blog writing 'completely' in the past one month! I have been making blog entries but not here, at a different location (Click here to open).

We at MBITEC- MBICEM's TEchnology Club- launched our own blog on Friday, 10th September 2010. "Creative Call"- as we call the blog, is the official learning platform for MBITEC's techno-savvy young minds to improve their literary, designing and cyber skills. Here are the links to the entries that I have made at the blog with snippets from the entries:

"Cyber Club"- What's that? Sept. 10, 2010
"After the successful maiden venture of organising the World Bloggers' Day on 31st August, the Cyber Club at MBICEM under the able guidance of Mr Srimoy Patra and Ms Shikha Kukreja is now no longer just any group. It no longer exists just by name. It has found recognition......"

Cam-ERA (illustrated)
Sept. 21, 2010
"Clicking photographs is something each and every one of us does. On ‘getting the right moment’, we feel highly blissful. Starting right from the camera obscura (an early form of camera consisting of a dark box with a tiny hole or lens in the front and a small screen inside, on which the image appears) to the ultra modern......" 

Designing- A child's best use of the canvas
Sept. 30, 2010
"The great designer Saul Bass has said, “Design is thinking made visual”. Designing is something that is found inevitably everywhere. It is something without which our eyes wouldn’t be able to gawk at the marvelous wonders of this world. Everything- starting right from this page......"

Do have a look at the above links and leave your comments there.

And about updates on this blog, you can check out the entry that made me win the Best Blogger title at my college click here, or the Chatur's Speech from 3 Idiots which I replicated in real time and real situation at my college, click here.

More updates coming really soon!
Happy Blog reading!
Take care!