Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Yet another ‘milestone’ day

No secrets. No creeping to look for what’s coming. No eavesdropping required. Here’s no suspense. Today I celebrate the completion of the fourth year of my tryst with getting into the world of blogging. Yea…it’s celebration time!! :D

If you come by my blog often, then you have probably already observed that the entire look- layout, design and format- of the blog has gone through a complete makeover. You can now browse through the blog using three different methods: 1. Category of Interest, 2. Popularity of Posts and 3. Chronological Date.

There is a lot more in the offing. Take a look around the tabs under the masthead. Some of them are not new, but yeah, they all have been updated. Useless gadgets from the sidebar are gone. You don’t have to scroll down too much to reach your desired post now. Just click on the ‘Click here to continue reading’ button at the end of the second paragraphs to continue to the post-page to view it entirely and leave your comments.

From a period with boring personal entries and no readers to a time with around a thousand page views every month- the journey has been amazing. It feels wonderful to see that Google brings up my blog posts in so many search queries. Thank you everyone for being with me as a huge support in all this time. And if you happened to arrive here accidentally or clicked on one of my shared links for the first time, then thank you for stopping by. I hope you continue to lend your support in the years to come. :)

Waiting to hear from you regarding the revamped blog: ‘on second thoughts…’ because you can only connect the dots looking backwards!


  1. You're going to go a long way my dear brother. Good luck for your journey.

    And btw Happy Birthday to 'On Second Thoughts...' ;-)

    1. Thank you (from me and my blog) Akankshya :) ;)
      Did you like the new look?

  2. happy bday to second thoughts! :) :)
    this is one window which opens when i want to stay to myself after a tiring day at the hospital n just get into a whole new life of thoughts and ideas! :)
    keep blogging antarik! :)
    n yes the new look is amazing!i m still to explore through the new features though!but the look is completely different! :) go on!all the best! :)

    1. n i also notice the time has been set right! :D

    2. Thank you Vartika :)
      I am glad to have regular readers and commentators like you :)
      Abt the time, well I think Google finally did it ;)

  3. I think that as the fourth anniversary, it would be good for you to look at past 4 years of blogging, identify the posts you like most and tell us why! Best of luck for the next four years :)

    1. Thats a good idea. Although I did add the 'Must-Reads' category on the sidebar, I think this would be a good idea as well. Thank you for your suggestion and wishes :)

  4. congrats. four years is a long time. nice look. nice to see you in the header. this post was encouraging and inspiring for bloggers like me. keep at it.


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