Ferrari + Oreo + Papa = This post

There are two things which have prompted me to write this entry. One, the inconsequential sequence of events that my life witnessed today and two, some more thoughts which you will come to know if you go through this entire entry carefully. So, what was special about today’s ‘inconsequential events’? Well, there were quite a few things which happened unexpectedly today, the conclusion of which was reason enough to convince me that all this deserves a blog entry tonight.

After two weeks of internship at Times Now, I am proud to proclaim one thing: Waking up when the alarm rings in the morning, whatever the time might be (8 or 11), is impossible for me! I have to press the snooze button 3 or 4 times (at least) and when there is just enough time left to get ready (and by this time I am realizing that I am going to be late yet again today), I finally force myself up from the bed. Today’s morning was no different. But yeah, the later part of the day was.

I reached office at noon and was surprised to see an almost empty building. It’s already the weekend, I realized. And there seems to be no work here during the weekend, I think to myself. Lunch time: I go down to the cafeteria and well, I am left hungry! Weekend pe to koi nai aate, the snacks manager informs me while he hands me a cupcake, a GoodDay biscuit and a Nimbooz, my lunch for today. I get a respite when my senior tells me that I can go home at 5 today (Yeah, considering my near to 12-hour shifts everyday, this comes as a big surprise!) And so, I left office when the sun was still shining brightly and the heat wave was on. As soon as I had known that I was going to be home early today, I had few plans on my mind already.

And so I take the metro and reach PVR Saket, 25 minutes before the next Ferrari ki Sawaari show. I expect complete unavailability of tickets (It is just day 2 and it is Saturday evening!!) but thanks to me being alone, I get one of the last tickets. So this is it, I think. I need a break from the tedious week that this has been.

[Extra info (Sharing just because I know this and very few people around me seem to know this): PVR Anupam, Saket was the first ever multiplex in India. Way back in 1997 after the single hall Priya Cinemas was taken over by Priya Village Roadshow (that’s P-V-R)]

I am all set to enter the cinema. But wait, I am hungry! 20 minutes to go, McD will help me out. McAloo tikki and a coke later, I enter the hall. It is Audi 2 yet again for me, third time in a row- Don 2, Vicky Donor and now Ferrari. I wonder how. I have no idea what this movie is all about. I just know a few keywords- Sharman Joshi, makers of my favourite movie 3 Idiots, Cricket, Lord’s and something to do with Sachin Tendulkar. What has all this got to do with a Ferrari? A ‘U’ rating- it has got to be some fun. OK, let’s see what this is all about. Don’t worry, continue reading, there ain’t any spoilers ahead… It is just day 2, I won’t spoil the fun for you so soon! ;)

My question about Ferrari is answered well enough. I am actually taken aback when the end credits start- Thanks to (some xyz person's name)  for letting us use Sachin Tendulkar’s Ferrari for the shooting of the film. So this is actually ‘the’ Ferrari that Sachin has. Wow! (And in case you are wondering if Sachin makes an appearance in the film or not, well, I told you- I won’t spoil it. Till the very last minute, I am sure every single person in the hall was thinking the same thing- will they show Sachin? And I am not answering it yet!

While I walked out of the hall, I had an Oreo biscuit pack in my hands. (The two biscuits for 4 bucks pack) The PVR staff seemed to be distributing them free-of-cost to everyone leaving the hall. There was a huge question mark buzzing inside my head. Did Cadbury have some role to play in the sponsorship of the film? Or this is some marketing initiative by PVR Cinemas on the first weekend of new films? A Google search isn’t helping me right now, and so, if you have any idea regarding this, do enlighten me.

One important thing that the film showcased and which I liked was the grandfather-father-son relationship. Today when each and every Bollywood movie has a romantic love story attached to it and which is so well accepted by the Indian movie-watching community, this is a bouncer. There is a love story, but that of two fathers and their sons. There is love, and it is not the masala-packed movie that we Indians tend to watch every other day and love them. But still, I am sure this film, filled with a good share of emotions and comedy, is going to be a big hit.

On my way back home, I realized that I had seen this film at an apt time. This is a film showing the father-son relation story so wonderfully. What a father wants his son to be like, how he nurtures and helps his son to go ahead in life and of course, the pain he takes to help his child reach his dreams. On the third Sunday of June, when Facebook doesn’t seem to be buzzing with as many messages and wishes as it does on the second Sunday of May, and it is only Archies that is there to remind us of the importance of the day, here I am wishing my father, a very happy Father’s Day. I am sure he wouldn’t be expecting a message like this from me and I am sure he mustn’t be aware (or at least he would pretend he isn’t) that there is a day called ‘Father’s Day’. Papa, this is for you. Thank you for being there for me all the time and helping me in every possible way to follow my dreams. I love you. :)

P.S.: For Papa: This was a bait. I made you happy.  Now you should check your e-mail for the mail from me with “Phones” in the subject line and get me one of those phones! :P


  1. The bait is not going to work. You need to prove yourself in the semesters to get that. Anyway, a good entry. I am aware of your feelings towards me even if you do not express it. Go ahead with the determined approach that you possess and the world will bow at you.
    Best of luck.

  2. true that about the lesser number of entries on fb yesterday!may be thats coz moms are more emotional towards these posts and msgs and our efforts are appreciated!fathers tend to be harder inside n thus take such days lightly! :D :p
    anyways the entry makes me look up to a show,if at all my classes allow me time! :)

    1. Don't tell me you are not having your holidays right now....:X

    2. not even a single day off after sem xams.. :( this is what happens in a med clg! :\

    3. Hmm.. Don't worry, you will make a great doctor :)


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