Sunday, June 30, 2013

Times at the First Frame 2013 Office

Last week, a couple of days before I left for home, one last task remained to be done being a student of MBICEM. More importantly, being a part of First Frame 2013- Fifth International Students’ Film Festival. After the successful completion of the festival in April, my friend Sahil and I were given the task of submitting a report of the entire festival- a document summarising how everything took place. Considering the grandeur of the festival, we were in no mood to submit a boring file filled with a thick set of printed sheets. We took it upon us to design a whole new document with newly written content and submit a ‘grand’ report to the Director. I joked, Let’s do this and let’s make this huge, 10 years down the line this report might get shown to the new First Frame Team and they would be told, ‘This is how the 2013 team worked and revived First Frame!’

With almost two months of hard work put in, the report was completed in all respects in the early morning hours of Friday, 21st of June 2013. Considering that this would be my last day at Delhi when college was open, Sahil got the document printed from Nehru Place the same day and we went to college to submit it.
Sahil and I with the First Frame 2013 Recipe Book
As my friend Divya, a member from the First Frame Core Team, saw the document, she wanted to read each and everything that was written here. I told her I would email the content to her. As I was going through the entire 22 page word document, I thought there were a few parts which I should share with the world. These are certain things that anybody who was associated with the festival, specially the members of the core team, would deeply relate to and would, hopefully, enjoy reading. The video at the end of this post ought not to be missed! ;)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Post #200, Year 6 of blogging: A Deli-licious Day at KFC

As I start writing this new blog entry, a few things strike my mind- One, although I have had a smartphone for 6 months now, this is the first time I am writing an entry on it. Two, I am sitting at a very special place right now and the very specialty of this place urges me to write about it immediately...

It’s 5.30 PM on the 12th of June, 2013 and I am at the KFC restaurant at the Vasant Square Mall in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. I was around for some stationery shopping and a grumbling stomach led me here. I have been here so many times before...with my family members, my friends...But somehow never before today I wholly appreciated the beauty of this place. And no, this beauty is not about the place. This is about the people I see here. Today for the first time I came to this KFC alone. As I entered, I saw the special notice board saying that this is a special KFC. I have known this for some time now.

The board outside KFC, Vasant Square Mall, New Delhi
Considering it was a weekday and not the usual peak hour, there wasn't much crowd and I was right at the start of the queue. As I placed my order, ‘pointing’ at the various items on the menu and hand-motioning to say that it would be a ‘Dine-In’ order, I think of the big specialty of this place: It is all the people who work here at this restaurant. None of the employees on the counter can speak or hear!

Monday, June 10, 2013

This ‘Growing Up’ thing

I was on facebook and got to know about a few of my batchmates who are starting their first jobs from today. I had two conflicting thoughts at once:

One, having worked in corporate media organizations as part of our summer training over the last two years, learning that someone is working somewhere is a normal thing; no big deal.

Two, realizing that this is no longer an internship but is what they call ‘The First Job’ makes the situation different. I mean are we already so grown up that we are actually starting the thing that we would be doing for the next 39 years or so? Wow!

Half of my batch at MBICEM. The other batch seems to have been in a hurry to leave! :D
My graduation has ended. College has ended. I never had the it’s over feeling. I haven’t felt it as of now and I seriously doubt if I am going to have that feeling anytime soon. Probably it’s because I know that I am just changing my place of study. I am to go into yet another college within a few months. Probably when I am done with my Masters and start looking for a job, that’s when the ‘College is Over’ feeling would sink in. I would be a grown-up then.
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