This ‘Growing Up’ thing

I was on facebook and got to know about a few of my batchmates who are starting their first jobs from today. I had two conflicting thoughts at once:

One, having worked in corporate media organizations as part of our summer training over the last two years, learning that someone is working somewhere is a normal thing; no big deal.

Two, realizing that this is no longer an internship but is what they call ‘The First Job’ makes the situation different. I mean are we already so grown up that we are actually starting the thing that we would be doing for the next 39 years or so? Wow!

Half of my batch at MBICEM. The other batch seems to have been in a hurry to leave! :D
My graduation has ended. College has ended. I never had the it’s over feeling. I haven’t felt it as of now and I seriously doubt if I am going to have that feeling anytime soon. Probably it’s because I know that I am just changing my place of study. I am to go into yet another college within a few months. Probably when I am done with my Masters and start looking for a job, that’s when the ‘College is Over’ feeling would sink in. I would be a grown-up then.

A few of my school friends have asked me, ‘You are a graduate already right?’ and I have heard statements like, ‘Tu to race mein aage nikal gaya’ over the last few days. It’s a happy ‘Yes!’ that I answer. When I actually come to think of it, it’s such a weird feeling. I mean, it seems just recently I had passed out of school and now my 3-years of graduation are over as well. How fast can time actually fly?

During my final semester exams which ended last week, for the first time it so happened that I had no interest in studying for the papers. I used to get my notes out around 12-16 hours before the exam, go through them once and in one extreme case, even watched a movie before I went to bed. It was during this time that a few of my friends and I planned for a end-of-college trip to some nearby destination, preferably a hill station, immediately after  the exams ended and before the time the entrance exam results came out and diverged our paths. This would be ‘the’ trip, when we, the besties, would be at our college’s peak time and probably together for the last time. This would be a trip for us and for our sake alone. This would be one that would not only aim to relive the memories of the 3 years, but would create the best memories of our last time together. I still look forward to this trip and my dearest friends and trip-planners, if you are reading this, Make sure you make this happen or else prepare for the worst! [:P]

In one of our talks over the last few days, when we were discussing the prospects of missing college and the people, my friend gave a staunch response: Why should I miss you? You are not going to die! We miss people who are no longer with us. Being my best friend, I take it for granted that you will be with me for all times to come; there is no reason why I should miss you now.  

And I was stunned! When I came to think about it I realized that this was indeed a fact. And somewhere somehow accepting this thing has made life easy, considering the vulnerable-by-heart person that I am.

I don’t know about others, but I guess this realization of the ‘growing up’ thing has come very late to me. I am neither happy nor sad about it. It’s just that with this realization, a lot many things have tended to perfectly take shape inside my brain. Deciding on things is easier. Thinking more logically than emotionally, is what is happening now and that’s the best I could have ever asked for.

My thoughts seem to be taking a break now. I wouldn’t keep on writing purposelessly now. This being my 199th blog post, I have been thinking since a few days about what to write. Glad that I stumbled upon this thought and wrote about it. Keep an eye for the next post. The 200th. Till then, have a good time.

To my friends who are starting work, all the best! A treat is due on you as soon as you get your first pay-cheques in a month! [;)]

To everyone, who like me, are sitting at home, whiling away time, let’s while away this time together. Let’s go party, or play pool or watch a movie or do anything else. Alone, it’s boring. I don't want to watch anymore Doraemon episodes! [:D]


  1. Em glad dat u cud write soooo much on how u feel aftr d college has ended coz I am just sooo numb aftr our last xam nd neva wnt to accept dat yes it has bloody ended :(

    1. I read it in the morning. And it is the best feeling..thanku antarik..:-)

    2. Sakshi- Dont worry. I am sure this moment shall pass soon. And thanks for the read :)
      Khyati- Your welcome :)

  2. You're not whiling away your time... you're learning how to express well. The blogger in you will ultimately give you more than what you ever wish for.

    Arvind passey

  3. Thanx antarik...n dnt thnk dat u r whiling away ur tym...thz actually means dat best thing z cumin ur way n such thngs do take tym...b positive..gud luck 4 ur results

  4. Well, the great thing is that one never needs to grow up! You can continue to be as full of innocence and excitement as a kid for as long as you live.
    Loved your friend's statement. Friends are forever indeed...where is the question of missing them!

    Great post.

    1. Haha..rightly said..needn't grow up for as long as we wish :D
      Thank you for the read :)


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