Post #200, Year 6 of blogging: A Deli-licious Day at KFC

As I start writing this new blog entry, a few things strike my mind- One, although I have had a smartphone for 6 months now, this is the first time I am writing an entry on it. Two, I am sitting at a very special place right now and the very specialty of this place urges me to write about it immediately...

It’s 5.30 PM on the 12th of June, 2013 and I am at the KFC restaurant at the Vasant Square Mall in Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. I was around for some stationery shopping and a grumbling stomach led me here. I have been here so many times before...with my family members, my friends...But somehow never before today I wholly appreciated the beauty of this place. And no, this beauty is not about the place. This is about the people I see here. Today for the first time I came to this KFC alone. As I entered, I saw the special notice board saying that this is a special KFC. I have known this for some time now.

The board outside KFC, Vasant Square Mall, New Delhi
Considering it was a weekday and not the usual peak hour, there wasn't much crowd and I was right at the start of the queue. As I placed my order, ‘pointing’ at the various items on the menu and hand-motioning to say that it would be a ‘Dine-In’ order, I think of the big specialty of this place: It is all the people who work here at this restaurant. None of the employees on the counter can speak or hear!

As I stood there waiting for my order, I decided I was going to write about this thing and I was going to write about it right now.

I immediately clicked a few pictures of the people there, the ones behind the counter. Behind the counter the scene was quite different from the other KFCs that I have been to. There is peace. No hullabaloo, no shouting at others, no hurry to get the order ready. All work done peacefully. My chain of thoughts was broken with the delivery of my order.

The specially-abled people at the counter, KFC, Vasant Square Mall, New Delhi
I sat down at a distant table opposite the counter. I placed my tray, sipped the Lemon Soda and took out my phone to start typing. I had an eye on the counter- new customers on their way, some not realizing the specialty of the place and trying to ‘speak’ their order at the counter. The men behind the counter politely smile and point at the menu placed in front of the customers. On realizing what they were being made to understand, the customers automatically had a smile on their face and now a less carefree attitude.

I sat there and had my burger as I wrote everything. I felt special to have been served by such specially-abled people.

I decided it then. This entry about these special people would be my special blog entry for tomorrow, my blog’s 5th birthday. This would be my special #200 blog post. No rambling about how blogging has been over the years. Nothing about how my writing has improved. This year this ‘special’ thing is what I shall write. And that I have done now.

A note to all my readers as I conclude: 5 years of blogging it has been. Thank you for sticking with me for so long. I hope this connection of ours’ continues forever. And yes, Happy 5th Birthday to my blog! :)


  1. Hi Congrats to you and happy birthday to your blog. I wish Many more happy birthday's to your blog...

  2. Have been to this KFC with specially-abled people but never thought of dedicating a post for them. Good way to mark a birthday of blog! kEEP UP THE GOOD WORK Antarik :-)


    1. Thank you Shilpi. Just as I said, it never even occured to me to write about this before yesterday. ;)


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