Thursday, February 04, 2016

Witnessing Ugesh Sarcar’s Mind-Blowing Mentalism #YourMindIsMine

'The Prestige' and 'Now You See Me' had fascinated me beyond imagination in the recent years. I have heard my mom talk about a magic show she was a part of when young when the magician 'split her in half' and she ‘had no clue’. No wonder, I have long wanted to be part of a magic show.

Last week, thanks to Blogadda, I got the opportunity to go for a 'mentalism' show by Ugesh Sarcar. No, mentalism and magic isn’t the same thing. But definitely the former is a subset of the latter. I have known about 'mentalism' or the act of 'reading someone's mind' since a few years now and I was definitely looking forward to be a part of a live show like this.

As per schedule, I reached the St Andrews Auditorium in Bandra and collected my passes. The waiting area was filled with people of all ages, literally, waiting for the auditorium doors to be thrown open. There were pre-show activities going on in preparation for the show. Apparently the mentalist was going to read the mind of audience members and answer their questions. I met Sagarika, another blogger guest, and Dimple, from Blogadda.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Melodious Mornings #Colgate360GoldMornings

I don’t remember waking up on my own ever during my school life (before going to the hostel). My mother would wake me up and my father has a huge collection of cassettes that he would play on the tape-recorder. I would get ready with some devotional songs giving me company in the background. The collection was huge and wasn’t just limited to a few songs, although some tunes remain in my head till now very distinctly like the Vishnu Sahashranaama or Ganpati Vandana or Anoop Jalota’s ‘Sooraj ki garmi se…

The same was the case at my grandparents’ place- it was either the early morning news on All India Radio or the Vishnu Sahashranama. I am sure all their mornings are still made joyful with the same routine.

When I was in Delhi till a few months ago, I would visit my cousins over the weekends. The most irritating part about the mornings would be their beginning with the sound of ‘Doraemon’ on TV. If I could, I would have immediately turned the blue bubblehead into gold for ruining my good Sunday mornings.

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