Witnessing Ugesh Sarcar’s Mind-Blowing Mentalism #YourMindIsMine

'The Prestige' and 'Now You See Me' had fascinated me beyond imagination in the recent years. I have heard my mom talk about a magic show she was a part of when young when the magician 'split her in half' and she ‘had no clue’. No wonder, I have long wanted to be part of a magic show.

Last week, thanks to Blogadda, I got the opportunity to go for a 'mentalism' show by Ugesh Sarcar. No, mentalism and magic isn’t the same thing. But definitely the former is a subset of the latter. I have known about 'mentalism' or the act of 'reading someone's mind' since a few years now and I was definitely looking forward to be a part of a live show like this.

As per schedule, I reached the St Andrews Auditorium in Bandra and collected my passes. The waiting area was filled with people of all ages, literally, waiting for the auditorium doors to be thrown open. There were pre-show activities going on in preparation for the show. Apparently the mentalist was going to read the mind of audience members and answer their questions. I met Sagarika, another blogger guest, and Dimple, from Blogadda.

The auditorium doors were soon thrown open and after another 'in preparation of the show' activity, Ugesh Sarcar arrived on stage. He didn't take long to establish that he was the man in control here- not of the show, but of our minds. Within minutes he was on his way to prove how real the name of the show was 'Your Mind Is Mine'. As act after act followed, we tried our best to make wild guesses about how he might have done it. By the time we were halfway through the show, we had given up on trying to comprehend and just sat there like curious kids being awed by what they are being shown.

Sagarika got a chance to be part of one of the acts, and her face had lost all its colours by the time she came down from the stage. She was in shock and absolute awe of the way she became a part of Ugesh's mentalism and couldn't stop asking 'How could he even do that?' (You know who to thank for passing on that frisbee to you, SN, haha)

As the show's grand finale came to an end, all the three of us discussed on the way back to the station, was filled with the keywords: 'magic', 'mind reading', 'tricks', 'illusions' and so on.

We agreed that the best way to truly enjoy these acts would be not to think too much about 'how they were done' (because it would take us ages to try and figure that out) and instead, focus on things the way the mentalist asks you to and get involved in the act/illusion/trick to be left awed at the end.

Special thanks to Blogadda for giving me this opportunity. Ugesh, if you are reading this, I look forward to being mind-read.


  1. I've seen something similar in Vegas and it was great fun... thanks for sharing dear :-)
    Cheers, Archana - www.drishti.co

    1. And I am trying to be as regular a reader of your blog, as you are of mine :D

  2. Thank you for sharing your reviews Antarik. Yes, come down to the next show and hopefully you catch the frisbee and we can explore your mind ;)

    1. Definitely looking forward to it Ugesh. Thanks for the comment :)


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