Melodious Mornings #Colgate360GoldMornings

I don’t remember waking up on my own ever during my school life (before going to the hostel). My mother would wake me up and my father has a huge collection of cassettes that he would play on the tape-recorder. I would get ready with some devotional songs giving me company in the background. The collection was huge and wasn’t just limited to a few songs, although some tunes remain in my head till now very distinctly like the Vishnu Sahashranaama or Ganpati Vandana or Anoop Jalota’s ‘Sooraj ki garmi se…

The same was the case at my grandparents’ place- it was either the early morning news on All India Radio or the Vishnu Sahashranama. I am sure all their mornings are still made joyful with the same routine.

When I was in Delhi till a few months ago, I would visit my cousins over the weekends. The most irritating part about the mornings would be their beginning with the sound of ‘Doraemon’ on TV. If I could, I would have immediately turned the blue bubblehead into gold for ruining my good Sunday mornings.

There was once a point when I had tried putting one of my favourite songs as the alarm tone on my phone. Within a couple of weeks I had developed a deep hatred towards the song and never after that a song became the alarm tone. (I think I also tried putting songs on random in lines with Bigg Boss. I would hear a fresh song each day and if I liked it, I would wait for it to finish rather than consider it an emergency alarm and wake up. The practice was abandoned soon for good.)

This Republic Day morning, I was woken up by the sound of patriotic songs playing with a high volume. I was irritated for a moment for losing my sleep, but the very next moment a smile curved on my face. It was for the first time since school ended that I was hearing these songs blaring out of the loudspeakers early in the morning on a national holiday. The morning had just been turned into a great one with the melody.

In hindsight, songs have been an integral part of my mornings since I can remember. And listening to them is surely the most soothing way to turn good mornings into gold ones, at least for someone like me, who doesn’t remember when he last witnessed the sunrise on a normal day.

Imagine my surprise when one January morning at 7, the doorbell rang and I was delivered a huge personalised package from Colgate filled with goodies titled ‘Wake up to a Gold Morning’. The package contained, among other things, a Colgate Charcoal Gold toothbrush. The surprise had indeed turned the morning into a golden one! #Colgate360GoldMornings