After 106 days and 10 hours aaaand 50 more days

Well, it is quite late for this entry to come, but I think it would still be interesting for them, who really understand it. On 14th August, I came to know that Papa is coming here on 3rd September. I was very happy. Over the next two weeks, whenever I talked to him, it seemed he was completely confused about which clothes of mine he should get here. Around 1st and 2nd September, I got appointment for Papa from all my teachers, so as to enable him to meet them when he comes. I was out of the hostel since 29th August. That week, I was unable to concentrate in class (both at school and coaching) atall, always thinking about meeting Papa after over a hundred day period.

On 3rd, Papa’s train was late and he reached home around 6 PM. At that time I was in coaching. Finally after 106 days and 10 hours, I met papa! We chatted till around 1 in the night. Next morning, he went to my school to meet the teachers. Papa saw my school for the first time. On 6th, papa and I went to Pragati Maidan by metro from Dwarka, for visiting the 14th Delhi Book Fair. For the first time ever I saw such a large book fair. I bought a daily calender of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie there. We spent around 6-7 hours there! Now I am looking forward to visiting the International Book Fair. On 8th, we took a stroll through the local markets. It was hard to believe that papa was leaving the next morning. The whole day, on 9th, I didn’t feel good. I called up Mama and told her so. She said, don’t be sad by thinking that we are not together today, be happy by thinking that after a month we all will be together. Later at might my mathernal grandfather (nanaji) called up and told that mama has been crying since I talked to her. I didn’t know what to do. Is this what they call, ‘the pain of separation’?

Around 10 days later, on 20th September, my ticket was confirmed for going to Vellore in my Diwali vacations. I am very happy now. I will be seeing mama and Pinky after 158 days!


  1. really tat was emotional ,even i felt like crying , maybe tat's called "understanding emotions ".ok bye.


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