What should you expect?

Hi blog readers, out there!

Here are some blog entries that I am writing currently and am almost half way through:

"Hostel life in 2009- Farewell etc.
Delhi Darshan Day 5- 26th January 2009
Delhi Darshan Day 4- 3rd January 2009
Delhi darshan Day 3- 2nd January 2009
Delhi Darshan Day 2- 1st January 2009

Delhi Darshan Day 6- 1st March 2009 (Let me tell you, this entry is complete but since this one has references to older incomplete entries, I am not posting it just as yet)"

One more entry may be required depending on my results coming out on 5th. Let us hope for the best.

Please tell me which entries (from the ones above) you would like me to put here first and I would work on your request!