The CBSE Science Exhibition 2009

The whole thing started off in May, when my Maths teacher Mrs. Himani Asija, approached me with the CBSE Science Exhibition thing and she suggested the Cancer reseacrh. And without thinking twice, I took up the thing. My friend Jerry was also selected by maam and the two of us were supposed to work on the topic during the summer vacations. Maam provided us with many-many notes and we were like: We dont know what to do, where do we start from!! The holidays went off and we had done literally, may be, say 1% of the whole thing. After school reopened, we got a good bit of scolding from maam for being so least bothered about such a large-scale thing. Whatever may have been the case, maam just smiled at us and at each and every step when we went wrong or needed guidance, she was there to help us.

When we got to know the dates of the exhibition, we were relieved seeing that we still had around 3 weeks left to improve upon the situation!!

Eventually, we made the charts, got the presentation ready and till the last minute of the last period of the last day before the exhibition, we were running around the school and doing our best to get the things ready!!

On Sunday, 16th of August 2009, we went to our destined centre to get our project registered and to put up the charts we had prepared so that we could just come the next day and start off with our thing without any further works left. The Bio-department of our school also had a project for the same!

Finally, the D-day was here! And now, the following extracts come straight from diary:

17th August 2009 (Monday)

"...left around 9 for Saket. Reached late and found that our whole chart had fallen off!! The host school (Amrita Vidyalayam) had put it up back! Thanks! First we had the inauguration ceremony with long boring speeches!! Then around 12, we started the exhibition. Very few people (mainly teachers) visited. The judge arrived around 4PM!! Our presentation went well!! He seemed to be taking out all negativities!! Overall it went well!! Let's see what happens tomorrow..."
18th August 2009 (Tuesday)

"...reached by 9.15am. The charts were thankfully intact!! The exhibition Day 2 started. A bit more visitors!! Judge No. 2 came to us last-->around 12 noon. (Yesterday, we were the first!) We were not asked even a single question about the exhibit!! He left quite soon!! We were confused!! Is this a positive or negative sign?? Kept fingers crossed!! Around 3pm, cameramen came and took quite many pictures and videos of ours. Should that mean anything??We just needed to wait!! Around 4.30pm, the closing ceremony finally started (we were completely exhausted, tired, drowsy etc. etc.) Some boring speeches again...15 projects were to be selected from a total of about 104 from 90 schools of Delhi & NCR. The result declaration started and even dhak-dhak... The first 5 went to the 'Harnessing Energy' theme projects! Our chances seemed slim now!! The 6th one was for model MM-04: Mathematical Modeling and its Application in the Treatment of Cancer and we continued clapping! It took both Jerry & me quite a time to realize that it was ours!! Himani maam shouted go fast, its ours!! And we were shocked! Smiling all the time we went to the stage & got our certificates!! We had been selected for the National Level!!!! It took quite some time for this thing to get into us!! And then...the Bio-Model: Genetic Modification, even that got selected!! Wow!! Double dhamaka!! Ours was the only school with 2 projects selected!! Great!! We then....."
U can clearly imagine how we must be feeling now!! We are now waiting for the nationals and an improved version of the exhibit!!

P.S. I will be posting some very nice pictures of the event very soon.


  1. Congratulations! I am sure u can win at the national level also. Hopefully, this episode of success must have given you the right input to realise that even if the work is not excellent the reward does come if sincere efforts are behind it. that's the law of nature. Sincere efforts never go futile. Results are never in our hand. Sincereity and hard work is the key to success in any sphere of life. Hope you apply this key in other activities also. Nothing is impossible for a sincere worker.
    Your writing is good. But needs a bit more refining to be presentable. It need not be too much hillarious. Just be cool and express yourself in a natural way. That's it. I am sure you will improve as time passes.
    How about taking up a course in journalism in which you can learn creative writing and editing at the copy desk to make an article print worthy? Think of it.
    Best of Luck.

  2. Hi Antarik

    CCongratulations for your greatgreatgreatgreat success.

    Can you let me know something about the project?

    Anyways, BEST OF Abilities (who can rely on luck? not you I know) for your to-be-success.

    When is it?

    Bye for now.



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