My first encounter with death

In the morning, a pigeon got stuck in the exhaust fan in bathroon and blood was trickling down from its neck. Felt horrified at the scene. It fell down, got one of its limb broken and was still writhing with pain. Felt very helpless at the sight. Didn't know what to do. Couldn't eat breakfast (felt like puking). The house-keeping wale bhaiya was informed and he took it downstairs. to tend to it but ultimately it died in a few hours. My first encounter with death!


  1. By reading only i can feel the pain , i don't know what but something i feel in my heart.I've never been through such type of a situation but i've a little suggestion -->B4 callin anybody else ,i think u should have done sumtnin'.i understand ur helplessness, but in life u would meet many such situations and at tat time feeling helpless would not help at all .U've to take quick action. i know its easy to say but i will also try to take quick action whenever necessary.ok tc.


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