Water water everywhere!!!!

Date: 14-15 January 2010

Time: Around midnight

Location: Washroom, 2nd Floor, Boys’ Hostel, DPS VK

Event: Water, water everywhere!!!!

On 14-15 night, at 12:10 AM, I went to the bathroom to sit on the shit pot & complete studying computers soon as room mein serious padhai nahi ho rahi thi. Amrit got hitting a lizard from the saamne-wala cubicle using Love’s guitar! The lizard entered my cubicle. I got frightened. Stood on the pot with computer (Networking) notes in my left hand and using the right hand for support. I was loosing balance… so kept my right leg on the tap. The tap surely couldn’t support my weight and broke! Water, water everywhere…the lizard gone drowning! I shouted “Oh, shit”. Opened the door and got out somehow! No plumber available at this time of the night. So the guard, Rana bhaiya, got the water flow controlled somehow! Seriously…a hilarious experience!!

The next morning, the tap was mended…I was surely expecting a good amount of scolding…but didn’t get any! :-)