KAL, AAJ aur KAL (Part 2)

History doesn't always repeats itself....
The year is 2010. Month is September- I have joined college some weeks back. Not many ‘good’ friends to be with. But yes, many friends to talk to. I am getting to know many diverse kind of people- It’s all a nice experience. I have my first visits to Select Citywalk. My blog writing and other activities get recognition for the first time. I win the Best Blogger Award at my college. I deliver Chatur’s ‘Chamatkaar’ Speech on Teachers’ Day at college. I am enjoying what I am being taught. My teachers know me well even before I learn their names. I have a good time with the people I stay with. Telephonic conversations on a high. I am enjoying every bit of college life- attending classes and having Dilli Darshans. Nobody knows much about me due to my intentional introvert attitude. But being back with friends after 5 months feels good.
...but most of the time it does... 
The year is 2011. Month is March- I have joined college 7 months back. Still not many ‘good’ friends to be with. Not many friends to talk to. I am getting to know many diverse kind of people- it has not always been a nice experience. I am bored of visiting Select Citywalk. My blog writing and other activities are already gaining much recognition. I deliver an extempore which should actually have been a well prepared speech, and I think I do it well. All my teachers know me and have high expectations from me. I have appeared for my semester exams two months back and am anxiously waiting for the results now.
...only if we allow it to...
I am not having a good time- not attending classes regularly and my introvert attitude is not helping me. I am not having interest in studying what I am being taught. I don’t appear for my internals with any kind of preparation. I have messed up many things. This changed me is being accepted by no one- parents, teachers, friends- and on top of all, by me. But I am surprised that even now I have so many people who actually know me, love me, care for me and want the ever smiling, fun-loving, hardworking ‘real me’ back. And I am sure I shall stand up to these expectations.
...and I won’t!!

P.S.: The inspiration for this entry comes to me from another entry by a similar name that I made back in August 2010 (Then and Now- The Contrast) and thus this one has the suffix ‘Part 2’ attached to it!


  1. Do I seriously need to say something....

    @Antarik: Man you are IMPOSSIBLE and yes I say IMPOSSIBLE not I M POSSIBLE


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